Memo to Steve Kerr: It's Time To Make Up Your Mind

Avi ScherContributor IIFebruary 12, 2009

One week to the deadline.

One week for GM Steve Kerr to decide.

One week for change.

One week.

What will he do? Will he trade? Who will he trade? Who will he get? What are his goals? Save Money? Try to win a championship with Shaq and Nash still playing? Try to build for the future? What are the plans?

So many questions! Let’s try to answer some.


Will he trade?

Yes, the Suns need an immediate change, it does not look like Terry Porter’s job is on the line at the moment, so if Terry is staying then a trade must go down.


Who will he trade?

Amar’e Stoudemire. Amar’es' lack of defense and lack of taking over a game when needed has brought him to be the main talk for trades. If the Suns would receive an offer for Shaq so they can get rid of the heavy contract, they would consider it.

Even that Shaq is playing good ball now, his presence has been holding back Nash and Stoudemire, of course the Suns will need to get a big guy that can grab some rebounds and block some shoots.


Whom will he get?

No answer for this yet. The Suns know that Stoudemire is worth a lot and that they can get what they want for him.

So many names were put up in the air, from All-Stars players like, Chris Bosh, Rasheed Wallace, and Tayshaun Prince, Shawn Marion...etc, to upcoming players like Michael Beasley or Al Jefferson and some draft picks. This all has to do with the next question.


What are his goals?

The most important question. Robert Sarver’s is in Banking and real estate, and as the world knows, those two are not the businesses you want to be in right now.

Mr. Sarver would like to try and save as much as possible, and if possible, not to pay the luxury tax for his NBA team. One way to do that is to try and trade players for draft picks and ending contracts.

But, Mr. Sarver is not just the owner of the team he was born in Tucson, Arizona and has been a sports fan for years. His love for all Arizona sports teams is big. So there is no doubt that he does not want a losing team and that he wants to see the team win.

After the team meeting, Sarver said that this team is very talented and should be winning much more and playing much better than they are playing today. He is very right about that, but because they are not winning he needs to make some choices.

So I’m sure that Mr. Sarver’s decision will be the main factor of the trade.


Can they win a Championship with Nash and Shaq?

Yes, Shaq is dominating the middle like in the good old days, Nash is starting to show some moves from his MVP years (21 assists), Grant Hill is also playing some good ball so if the all can stay health all they need is someone to grab some rebounds and block some shots and play some D.


Here are my thoughts on how to improve:

1. Amar’e Stoudemire needs to understand that if he wants his name to be called when commentators or fans talk about the best players in the league for example:  L. James, D. Wade, K. Bryant, D. Howard, T. Duncan…etc he has to start playing defense.

Stoudemire said that he wants to be feared but no one will be feared of a 6’10” amazingly athletic big man that can’t take a rebound or block a shot. As soon as he adds defense to his amazing offensive skills, then there is no doubt he will be one of the most feared players in the game today

2. Steve Nash has to have the ball. The Suns still need to run and spread the floor. The Suns can still do that, they have what it takes. Adding Richardson is a great move for the running game.

And when you cannot run, you go to what works, the high-post pick n roll or in to Shaq with Nash, Richardson, Barbosa, and/or Barnes waiting at the three, or Hill cutting. This CAN be a deadly offensive team.

3. Keep the team happy. Terry Porter is trying to prove himself, his idea’s are good, but not for a team that most players can say “been there, done that”. Porter will not be able to teach Shaq or Nash to play defense.

Nash, Shaq, and Hill know how to play the game, and are good at it, you can’t coach them like they are rookies, you need to give them respect and sometimes say “do what you do bes.”

4. Shaq was once one of the most feared players in the league, Amar’e wants to be feared, and the two together should be the most feared power in the middle since Hakeem Olajuwon and Ralph Sampson. But in the meantime they are not even close. Like I said, it all has to do with Amar’e defense.

5. Trade players. Trade Stoudemire for a defensive player. Bring in a power forward that can rebound and block shots. Phoenix will have a good enough offense without Stoudemire. Shaq, Richardson, Nash, Hill, Barnes, and Barbosa are good enough for offense.

A good energized power forward can lift the team and get them back on track. Second trade option is Shaq, and the same goes here, bring in a defensive center that can rebound and block, Stoudemire will still have improve is defense if the Suns want to make a strong run in to the playoffs.

This will help the team run a bit faster like they should, of course the coach has to know how to run them.

This week we will know where the Suns are headed, there are only three options:

1. Run for a championship

2. Try to make it to the playoffs, and lose in the first round

3. Don’t make the playoffs, save money, Maybe get a high draft pick next season

I really hope they choose No. 1.

We will find out in one week.