The 10 NBA Players Everyone Should Know About

Tony MeyerAnalyst IFebruary 12, 2009


With all of the hoopla surrounding the superstars in the NBA today, it is easy for the up-and-coming players to get lost in the crowd. Some of the young talent in this league does get a lot of exposure, but there are some players who have been putting up good numbers that we just are not hearing about.

Everyone knows the likes of Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant, but here are some players who have been making a big impact with minimal fan fare:


Randy Foye

Playing for a young T'Wolves squad, Foye has impressed. He is averaging 16.2 PPG and dishing out 4.7 APG. He has been in double figures in scoring in 43 of his 51 games.

With Al Jefferson out for the season, Minnesota is going to depend on him to put up even bigger numbers from here on out.


Jeff Green

It's no secret that the Thunder are out of contention this year. But, for all of the Oklahoma City fans, there is a lot to be excited about.

Playing alongside Mr. Durant, Green has been having a very impressive sophomore campaign. He is putting up 16.7 PPG and 6.6 RPG, while hitting 41.5 percent of his threes.

If OKC can keep Green, Durant, and Russell Westbrook together, they are going to be a scary trio for years to come.


Andris Biedrins

Being a big man in the Golden State system is, let's say, different. You need to be able to run the floor and do the dirty work to get your shots, and Biedrins does just that.

He is averaging 13 PPG and 11.8 RPG while amassing 23 double-doubles. Considering there are literally no plays called for him, these numbers look even more impressive.


Paul Millsap

While filling in for Carlos Boozer and his latest injury, Millsap has helped Utah forget all about Boozer.

Millsap is scoring 14.7 PPG and pulling down 9.2 RPG on his way to 24 double-doubles. He has been called a young Karl Malone, and if he keeps playing like he has been, we might have to get him his own mail route.


Ramon Sessions

It seems like Milwaukee can simply find scorers because Sessions, like Mo Williams before him, can plain fill it up.

He is averaging 11.7 PPG and 4.8 APG so far this season, and who can forget his 44-point explosion against the Pistons. At 6’5”, he is too big for opposing points to guard him, and is quick enough to get past most 2-guards.

He is the type of player who causes opposing coaches headaches and turns them into burgeoning alcoholics.


Wilson Chandler

With the arrival of Mike D'Antoni in New York, we knew guys were going to have career seasons. But who thought Wilson Chandler would be on that list?

He is quietly averaging 13.7 PPG and five rebounds per game in a system that rewards hustle and running the floor.

Chandler is ultra-athletic, and he, like Biedrins, can score without having a play called for him. If New York is clearing everyone out to make room for LeBron, this might be one guy they want to hang on to.


John Salmons

Yes, the Kings are having a despicable season, but there are a few bright spots. Salmons is one of those bright spots.

He is scoring 18.3 a night and hitting 41.9 percent of his triples. He has also been in double figures in 49 of his 53 games.

He has been consistent and could be a guy that could really help a good team down the stretch. He can play defense and score without being the center of attention in an offense.


Thaddeus Young

While Philly has been underachieving this year, at least until lately, Young has given them good minutes and production night in and night out.

He is averaging 14.7 PPG and 4.9 boards a night while shooting 48 percent from the field. He is a freak of an athlete, and once he polishes his game a little more, watch out!


Roger Mason

Mason is the prototypical Spur. It has taken him a while to make a name for himself in this league, but once he got to San Antonio, he really found his niche.

He is making the most of his opportunity right now and he could be an integral part of this team come playoff time. He has been averaging 11.9 PPG while shooting 44.9 percent from deep and 88.2 percent from the line.


Eric Gordon

Let's face it; the Clippers are a joke. They have such a talented group of players, but they are lackadaisical and uninterested on most nights.

The one reason why Clips fans have a little hope is because of the play of Eric Gordon. This kid is a pure shooter and, with the right people around him, will be a star in this league.

In the Clippers "me first" system, Gordon has averaged 14.7 PPG while hitting 37.3 percent from deep and 86.6 percent from the foul line. He is definitely somebody this miserable franchise can build around.

The next time you watch a game in which any of these guys are playing in, watch closely at the impact they make. Trust me, these names will become household names sooner than you think.