Billy Corgan and Friends Now Smashing Bodies with Resistance Pro Wrestling

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJune 22, 2012

From James Hornsby of
From James Hornsby of

Wrestling is universal. 

Contrary to the age-old myth of a genre of organized acrobats for jocks with a niche following, pro wrestling will always provide escapism for its followers, and escapism doesn't discriminate. 

Billy Corgan took this escapism to another level as he has set aside his musical aspirations with  legendary rock band Smashing Pumpkins and is now manufacturing his longtime passion for pro wrestling into an enterprise. 

Corgan's Resistance Pro Wrestling is one of the newest independent wrestling companies on the scene and features some talent you know and, by design, some you have never heard of.

Resistance Pro already has a built-in leg up on the competition, having been financed by a Rock God whose cash flow (while prudently invested in his fledgling company) is matched only by his zealous tendencies towards the super niche of pro wrestling. 

Corgan's passion will decide more about the growth and longevity of Resistance Pro than anything else. 

Ted Turner, known affectionately as "Billionaire Ted," had an endless cash flow when he decided to invest his time and money in WCW.  The move paid off (literally) for a few years as the Turner family of networks were the temporary kings of sports entertainment. 

Unfortunately, all the cash in the world couldn't buy evolution or a good storyline as WCW's eventually unwatchable content and lack of aggrandizement proved to be their death knell. 

The feeder territory—with a mission statement of facilitating an independent wrestler's quantum leap into the big leagues of WWE and TNA—also puts its efforts toward putting on an entertaining show complete with creative direction and compelling storylines. 

Many of the budding young stars in the WWE and TNA cut their teeth on the independent circuit for years before making it to the show.  

In fact, WWE Champion CM Punk and recent world heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan were mainstays in the famed Ring of Honor promotion. 

One of Resistance Pro's headline talents is super heavyweight great Big Van Vader, who recently made a cameo on WWE Raw to a rousing reaction that rivaled that of Vince McMahon's, who made several appearances on that show. 

Vader's presence in Resistance Pro gives young wrestlers a chance to rub elbows with a seasoned vet, not to mention a legend, who could undoubtedly help the cause of wrestlers transitioning to major promotions given the contacts he has acquired over the years. 

Daunting to Resistance Pro is the fact that independent wrestling companies have historically had embarrassingly high turnover.  Serving as a microcosm of the business it operates in, independent promotions come and go in droves as the majority of interest in pro wrestling is monopolized by national outfits. 

However, Resistance Pro should be different given its instant branding as an up-and-coming territory led by a wrestling superfan who knows the business.

Should Corgan and company continue to keep their noses to the grindstone and develop young talent, resistance will be futile for WWE and TNA. 


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