Word Life Vol. 17: The McMahons, Destroying Superstars...and Themselves

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 12, 2009

Welcome to another addition of "Word Life", and this time I'll focus not on a wrestler, or the WWE company, but the family that runs the company: the McMahons. Stephanie, Shane, Linda, and Vince McMahon is the family we've all come to love, or hate, depending on their recent and or past actions.

Linda is the "caring mother", who always wants what's best for her and her family. Shane McMahon is the "high flying" son, who likes to jab like a boxer and wants run the company his day.

Stephanie McMahon is "daddy's little girl" as well as the "billion dollar princess", who has quite a temper tantrum when her plans go awry. Vince McMahon is...do I even have to explain? I'll make it brief. Vince is the one in the family with the "testicular fortitude" as he himself says.

He has the McMahon power walk and he struts with style as he makes his way to the ring.

Such a great fun loving family have turned into power hungry vipers, just like the current Randy Orton. Nothing and no is safe, no even their own flesh and blood. What went wrong? I don't know but there is a root to all evil, and I'll think I'll start in the "no-holds barred" attitude era.

Vince had lost all control over the WWE during the attitude days. He had his corporation, but lets face it, he had his hands full.

Not only he had to deal with Stone Cold, who wanted to give him "a can of whoop ass" every week, but he also had Degeneration X, who were always there to foil his plans. Things just got worst for the McMahons...Stephanie McMahon had been kidnapped.

This wasn't any ordinary kidnapping, it was one by the Undertaker and his ministry or darkness.

The McMahons were so worried for Stephanie's safety, Vince and Linda turned to Vince's No. 1 adversary, Stone Cold Steve Austin for help. Sure enough, Austin did go looking for Stephanie and she was rescued, but everyone's jaw dropped when they found out who was the perpetrator.

Vince McMahon himself was behind the whole thing, then he had merged the corporation with the ministry of darkness and Vince had became a monster.

Not only were the McMahon family devastated, so were we. Linda would eventually step in to get Vince under control. Vince had disdain for everyone and anything.

He faced his daughter in the first ever (and only) father/daughter "I quit" match, where he choked her with a lead pipe and Linda threw in the towel because she could bare to see her daughter suffer anymore by the hands of her own father.

Linda was the CEO of the WWE and at one point appointed Stone Cold as commissioner, to hopefully put an end to her husband's path of destruction. The McMahon's problems didn't end there. Stephanie had later fell in love with WWE superstar Test.

They were going to to get married on RAW. This was the very first wedding on WWE television.

When the two were going to exchange vows, Triple H crashed the wedding. He showed a video of himself marrying a clearly knocked out Stephanie in a drive-thru wedding chapel. Stephanie was heartbroken, and Vince McMahon was furious.

Vince had promised his daughter to help her, and Stephanie just like her father went crazy. He finally accepted her marriage to Triple H and Shane McMahon had joined them. This was known as the McMahon-Helmsly era.

During this era, The Rock, and the man who always insulted Stephanie McMahon, Chris Jericho, were the prime targets. Stephanie stood by her husband as they ran the company together and went on their own power trip (Austin and Triple H had briefly formed a tag team with each other named the "two man power trip"). The McMahons had to once again be put in their place.

At Wrestlemania 2000 the McMahons were at it again. All four McMahons for the first and only time ever, were involved in the same match. Triple H would defend his WWE championship in a fatal four way at Wrestlemania 2000 (WM16).

Triple H's wife Stephanie McMahon, was in his corner. Linda McMahon was in Mankind's corner. Shane McMahon was in Big Show's corner, and Vince McMahon was in the Rock's corner. Triple H would win the this match and become the first of two heels to ever retain a WWE championship at a Wrestlemania (The 2nd was Randy Orton at WM24).

In 2001, WWE ad purchased WCW. Vince McMahon was elated to finally defeat his competition and survive the Monday night wars. Vince wanted Ted Turner himself to "hand deliver" the contract to the company to him at Wrestlemania that year.

Vince's celebration was short lived as Shane McMahon had purchased WCW and signed his name on the dotted line. Stephanie would also return too, as Triple H was out with an injury.

The two McMahon siblings also obtained ECW and formed and ECW/WCW alliance. This was known as the "Invasion" era. WWE was against the alliance as Shane and Stephanie drooled for power. Stone Cold Steve Austin was even in the alliance and helped ran it.

Stephanie turn venomous and punished WWE superstars every chance she got. Stephanie once again set her sights on the Rock and Chris Jericho, who continued to make fun of her.

She had plenty ECW/WCW superstars at her disposal from Rhyno, to the Dudley Boys, to Booker-T, and so on.

In the end the alliance would fall to WWE and the man who led them to victory, Kurt Angle. Vince McMahon would also have a street fight against his own son Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania 17.

The McMahons would have minor problems with one another, but nothing major after that point. In this era I call the "New Generation" I believe that another McMahon controversy is on the way.

The Monday Night RAW before the Royal Rumble, Randy Orton punted Vince McMahon. Stephanie McMahon, whose been on a quest for power, has retaliated by bringing her brother Shane to feud with Orton and the Legacy.

I believe there is more to meet the eye with this feud, and everything should start to unfold beginning at No Way Out. We could very well be on the heels of another McMahon feud. Thanks for reading..until next time "Word Life."