WWE Bill Of Rights: Amendment V

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 12, 2009

We as Americans have earned our rights, as it was hard fought for over the years. WWE superstars are citizens just like us and had to earn their rights, as well as abide by them. So what's today's amendment?

Amendment V—Search Warrants, Stealing, Breaking & Entering, and Trespassing

WWE never cared about the property at all. They are not only superstars but citizens of the USA. Shouldn't they follow the rules? Why can't they use a search warrant instead of  trespassing. Superstars have gone above and behind the limits on this amendment and constantly...constantly cross the line.

Our enforcements need to obtain a search warrant through probable cause; if not, it's just trespassing and breaking the law. No one really cared for this amendment and it's sort of difficult to pass especially when there's a certain Texas Rattlensnake raising hell everywhere and on everyone he see fit. Vince McMahon was losing control over Raw.

Something big was happening...an uprising. In 1996, Stone Cold was in a heated feud with Brian Pillman. Vince McMahon did what he could to keep control, but Raw wasn't only about to be war, it was going to get some "attitude" as well. Pillman had an injured leg and couldn't compete.

He would be out for quite some time as a matter of fact. When a superstar gets injured during a feud, the remaining star usually goes on a feuds with someone else, as they brag about injuring the previous superstar in the previous feud (see: Randy Orton). Well, that wasn't the way Stone Cold Steve Austin rolls. WHAT!? "That's not the way Stone Cold Steve Austin rolls!".

"Austin 3:16" promised to show up at Pillman's estate and finish the job. Pillman wasn't going to let Stone Cold invade his home with him and his wife in it while he was vulnerable too. Brian Pillman had back up body guards in his house and outside his house. He also had a nine millimeter, and this wasn't a metric unit ruler. Pillman had a gun. WWE was crossing the line here.

Sure enough, the Rattlesnake showed up at Pillman's estate and started banging on the front door. Austin had got no answer so he headed around the back, where he fought body guards by the garage. The guards were disposed of, and Austin made his way to the back door. "Let me in you son of B****!" Austin yelled...or something similar. He had gotten a little hammer and smashed to back door window and opened the door from the inside.

The feud would climax here, as Austin headed to Pillman and his wife screamed as he pulled out the gun. "I'll blow your head off!" Pillman said as he looked insane and begged Austin to come any closer. The scene would end here, and no one would know what really happen.

Austin had also been involved in other legal issues involving his smoking skull championship, the Rock's towncar, Vince's Corvette, as well as other things, but Austin just got away every time even if Vince fired him. There would be more of these actions, but one was really personal. Eddie Guerrero used to lie, cheat, and steal, as he constantly violated these rights. He trespassed and stole, he probably broke into someone's place as well.

Cryme Tyme would join the violators list too, as they stole everything in sight—from televisions, to pieces of the announce table, and even the world Tag Team championships! Cryme Tyme also sold Raw tickets from time to time and other items, which they stole.

In 2006, John Cena was in a heated feud with Edge. Edge had pushed his way into the top cards, thanks to his Money In The Bank contract, which he cashed in on an tired and beat up Cena. Edge was now the "ultimate opportunist" and he strives to live on that moniker. The two fought for the WWE championship, as the title switched hands back and forth between the two in the feud. Lita would get involved in the matches and sometimes cause Cena the win.

Cena had no problems putting his hands on her and started to F-U (now Attitude Adjuster) Lita every chance he got, especially when Edge and Lita had a "live sex show". Edge was just as fed up with Cena as Cena was fed up with him. Edge, however, had "Cena nuff" and took matters into his own hands.

Edge went to the Cena estate, and into the Cena's home. John Cena's father John Cena Sr, was home and Edge assaulted him, starting with a slap in the face. WWE hasn't quite seem to have this amendment under control yet, but it hasn't been violated in a while. The amendment is still pending as no one has passed it.

Amendment V Milestones/Progress

Stone Cold breaks and enters Brian Pillman's home.—(World Wresting Federation Era/ Pre-Attitude Era)

Edge enters Cena estate ans assaults John Cena Sr.—(New Generation)

Eddie Guerrero...Everything and every time he stole.—(New Generation)

Cryme Tyme...Every time and everything they stole.—(New Generation)