Attention New York Jets: Bring in Vince Young or Michael Vick, I Am Not Crazy

PrimeTyme KobyContributor IFebruary 12, 2009

In the wake of Brett Favre's retirement, an answer is needed at quarterback for The New York Jets; please don't circle Kellen Clemens.

If your answer is Clemens, then why don't we take a guess with one of the two latest pariahs at the position, starting with Vince Young.

How can anyone forget Young upstaging two the media friendly USC team while attending the University of Texas in the 2005 National Championship Game. That was one of the greatest performances I have seen in my life thus far.

Besides the 3,000 passing yards that season, or the 1,000 rushing yards amassed by Vince Young, he was the runner up for The Heisman Trophy to Reggie Bush.

The next year, in the NFL (when it really counted), Young made the PRO BOWL, and won NFL Offensive ROOKIE OF THE YEAR. Capital letters for anyone to understand, this guy is a pure winner.

But there was a unnecessary stigma placed on Young about a Wonderlic test his rookie year.

He scored a 16, the same as...Dan Marino. In my opinion, may the Wonderlic Test Rest In Peace, if we depended on it, we would have missed out on one of the greatest quarterbacks ever.

It seems at times that people felt afraid to understand Vince Young. People with closed minds didn't want to fathom that an African American quarterback can win a game not only with his legs, but a pocket pass right on the numbers to ANY color receiver.

Winning has no color, ask the Pittsburgh Steelers (Mike Tomlin) and the Colts (Tony Dungy) the first two African-American Head coaches to win Super Bowls.  

The thought of Vince Young playing for one of these coaches makes me want to tear because the paths are already paved and with his troubles he could walk down it straight to Canton.

I can imagine him winning a Super Bowl with any head coach in the league, and so should the mass public. 

He followed his Pro Bowl, Offensive Rookie of the Year campaign with a trip to the post season. Again, I stress that the man is a WINNER. That is what the game is about? Correct?

He has had his share of personal problems, but who doesn't. His stats may not be eye popping, but his intangibles are. The man just has a feel for the game, but he can't possibly feel comfortable questioning his ability playing behind Kerry Collins.

What is more disturbing is the rumors of him playing third string to Chris Simms. 

I ask the New York Jets to please look into acquiring this man. He has what it takes to WIN. Remember Chad Pennington Jet fans? Yeah, I do, too.  

No arm strength, but a whole lot of heart to beat his old team in their home stadium to propel the rival Miami Dolphins to a AFC East crown. That is disturbing, considering they wanted a refurbished gun slinger in Brett Favre who's warranty ended a couple of games before the season ended.

Don't make the same mistake again relying on Kellen Clemens, call the Titans and give Vince Young some fresh air. 

The lights will be bright in the Meadowlands, but it seems Vince saves his best for the big moment.

Michael Vick

I know this sounds crazy.

I know he went to prison, but he served his time and lost millions and millions of dollars.

He owes no one his life because of this crime, the debt will already be paid. He needs to tell Mr. Goodell how sorry he is and apologize to those who really love him.

Besides that I want to see a winner, a competitor, and above all else, some football.

People tend to get their personal biases in the way until they are caught in a situation that blind sides them.  Michael Vick is a WINNER on the field, love him or hate him.

He is a three-time Pro Bowler.

He has or had a great arm (depending on how he returns). 

He has rushed for 1,000 yards. FIRST quarterback to ever do it.

Two trips to the postseason; one which was an NFC championship appearance.

Personally, I believe he was also hindered by sub par head coaching from Jim Mora Jr.  I honestly believe he could have done a better job, and the postseason appearances were anchored by a good defense and Michael Vick's will on the field.

Yes, a zero-tolerance policy should be placed on him, but I'm sure he has learned his lesson, he has been in prison, a far cry from the plush mansion he spent time in.

Again I stress my belief that he is a better option than what the Jets have available now. PETA needs to check themselves if they are protesting him at his games. What's the point of a justice system if they are going to act like that. 

I am a dog lover, I own a Rottweiler, and would never harm him. It is cruel and wrong what Michael Vick has done.  But no one speaks of the cows and pigs that are cooked daily.

I guess its an unwritten rule that a dog is more important than any other animal, but I'm sure I am understood, and if not, then judge me, I have no choice anyway, right??

Call the Tennessee Titans and ask for Vince Young.  

At a minimum, bring Michael Vick in for a workout and thorough interview process.  

See if he can mesh with his peers, because that is what counts the most.

No, I am not crazy. GO JETS!


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