The Problem of Not Knowing Where the Bottom of the Montreal Canadiens' Barrel Is

Matt EichelSenior Writer IFebruary 12, 2009

For not one second am I going to blame Carey Price for this slump.

And why?

Because, it's simple.

The Montreal Canadiens have buckled under the enormous pressure to win in their centennial season.

Ever since the injury that put leading goal scorer Robert Lang out of commission for the season, coupled with the return of inconsistent forward Chris Higgins, the Canadiens seem to have hit a wall.

Except this wall isn't a soft one that they seem to bounce off of immediately.

It's more of a wall where they have fallen flat on their faces and haven't realized that they're actually bruised and bleeding from the impact.

After two disappointing routs at the hands of their two Albertan rivals in two games, the Canadiens have left their fans wondering if the barrel can get any bigger.

Trouble is—no one, as of right now, knows how deep the Canadiens' barrel is.

And to say the truth, the worst is not over, by a long shot.

With only two games of this season high six game road trip under their belts in embarrassing fashion, the Canadiens now have to face one of the best netminders in the world in Vancouver, face the dynamic duo of Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby in Pittsburgh, and do more hotel visits in the next week or so before every seeing the Montreal skyline.

To be blunt, the Canadiens are soiling their pants just thinking about it.

For a team that had so many expectations for a great centennial birthday, the plans have been mixed with success and failure all over the board.

But instead of pointing fingers and saying that the ship is sinking, let's put the actual truth out there.

This is a typical Canadiens season.  It always happens that they fall flat on their faces at some time during the season. Ever since the domination of the late 1970s have the Canadiens gone through a season without considerable embarrassments.

And for the record, this team needs to find that passion.  You're not just wearing a jersey on your back.

You're wearing a legacy, Mr. Higgins.

A history, Mr. Kovalev.

A passion, Mr. O'Byrne.

And an entire city's hopes that its team can finally win that 25th Stanley Cup, Mr. Koivu.

I'd pull up my bootstraps, hope Bob Gainey has something up his sleeve, or we won't be seeing the first Finnish captain raise the Stanley Cup anytime soon.

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