WWE's No Way Out: Paving the Road To Wrestlemania

Ryan SimonCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

With WWE's momentum picking up speed quick as a runaway train, the Road to Wrestlemania is definitely underway. The storyline possibilities leading up to the 25th Anniversary of "The Grandaddy of them All" are absolutely endless. The road will be officially paved starting this Sunday at No Way Out.

The outcomes of these matches will set the stage for Wrestlemania XXV. Raw had a really solid show this past Monday with Flair returning to much adoration, Jericho's heel heat blazing like an out of control inferno and Randy Orton's star shining bright as ever.

I haven't really watched or followed ECW in a while (since Benoit was still in the game. Yeah, that long). News has broken officially that Teddy Long has signed Christian Cage to join the ECW Roster. 

Personally, I think it's a bad move but they'll make it work. I think he should have went to Smackdown to begin a feud with Edge but they will eventually tie up down the road. Christian is a great wrestler so any angle will work for him regardless.

I haven't really kept up with the Smackdown scene either. Although it has some great talent on the roster such as the Undertaker, Edge(WWE Champion), Triple H, Jeff Hardy and the Big Show. A man whose name I just mentioned is Jeff Hardy, a man who has become an enigma in the wrestling world.

I just got wind of this new Hardy vs. Hardy angle and I think it's the best since Flair's "You Lose, You're Fired!" angle. I think WWE is using their heads and saving this little gem for Wrestlemania. Wouldn't it be great to see the two brothers go toe-to-toe in a classic Cain & Abel battle. That will indeed be something to see.

This Sunday at No Way Out the stage will be set for Wrestlemania. I have read various articles and predictions here on B/R on this topic and I found them well thought and intriguing. So I figured I'd throw in my nickel.

The following are my thoughts of what would make for a great No Way Out pay per view and for a phenomenal Wrestlemania where Legends are born. Let's face it, all the major players in the game (besides the Hardy's) on the NWO card will almost definitely be at Wrestlemania. 

Now lets go over the lineup and how I feel it could build up the Wrestlemania card.


Shawn Micheals vs. JBL (All or Nothing Match) 

Personally, I think the heat is still pretty good on this thing. They should keep it rolling until Wrestlemania. I think HBK should lose this Sunday just to set the stage for a classic at Wrestlemania. Let's face it, wrestling fans, a good rivalry doesn't just end after one match.

I think Micheals and JBL have a good few matches in a heated rivalry.

It can culminate at Wrestlemania in a Last Man Standing Match in which HBK puts his career on the line in order to get his identity back. HBK can shine in that match, no rules, high risk maneuvers and JBL can even get a little juice.

It would prove to be the climax of a great rivalry where HBK can emerge victorious with his "Mr. Wrestlemania" status still in check.


ECW Championship: Jack Swagger (Champion) vs. Finlay

Jack Swagger is an up and comer I don't know to much about. But I do know that Finlay is one tough sonofagun and he deserves to be champion, at least for the time being. I think since Christian is now officially on the roster he should definitely have a little involvement in this Sunday's match.

I hope to see Finlay get the strap. Which would lead up to what I think would be a phenomenal Triple Threat Extreme Rules match at Wrestlemania featuring Christian, Finlay and Swagger for the ECW Championship where Christian emerges victorious.


Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship feat. Undertaker, Triple H, Big Show, Vladimir Kozlov, Jeff Hardy and Edge (Champion)

Personally, I would like to see Taker get it. And you never know, it might happen. I think that if Jeff Hardy won this Sunday he could have a superb Ladder match with his brother Matt at Wrestlemania.

Otherwise, if 'Taker won I would see him matching up with Triple H for the belt at Wrestlemania and emerging victorious to keep his streak intact.

Or here's one from left field: If Michaels wins this Sunday and ends his run with JBL and Taker wins the belt they can square off at Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship. "Mr. Wrestlemania vs. the Undefeated Wrestlemania record." That would be pure gold. It's hard for me to say who would win that one.


Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship feat. Chris Jericho, John Cena (Champion), Rey Mysterio, Jr., Kane, Kofi Kingston, and Mike Knox

Without a single doubt in my mind I believe Cena should be uncrowned before Wrestlemania. Who better to do it than the bona fide hottest heel in wrestling today, Chris Jericho. His heat is so tremendous I feel it is only necessary to have him walk in Wrestlemania with the Heavyweight title.

Flair can't wrestle the guy but he sure can manage the guy that will snatch the title from Jericho. Almost like Harley Race led Vader to numerous WCW World Title Wins just a few years back.

Wrestlemania needs that kind of heat to feed the fire that is Wrestlemania. Who better than to feed that fire than Randy Orton? His charisma and talent are leading his fan response and his character take on a life of it's own.

Which gets to the last match...


Randy Orton vs. Shane-O-Mac (No Holds Barred)

I believe this match will have a really big twist. I think quite possibly Stephanie could turn on Shane and join Legacy or possibly Vince turn on Shane and Stephanie, claiming they brought WWE down and he will usher in the "new era of WWE."

Or it could go in a completely different direction. All of the McMahons might possibly attack and pummel Randy Orton to a bloody pulp. To which the fans would have sympathy for Orton and his face turn that is on the brink will finally happen.

If Orton turns face he'll without a doubt be No. 1 face. Jericho is the No. 1 Heel. That would be the best Wrestlemania match in years, with Orton emerging as Champ. Flair could join Legacy and be Orton's confidant helping him dethrone Jericho of the title.

That would still keep Flair's angle going and it would make more sense for him not to wrestle but to support and aide Orton's quest. There are also great storylines that could be built on continuing the McMahon feud.

A Legacy-McMahon feud/rivalry would be great for business. With Jericho joining the McMahon family as well as a few others.

Once again, this is about you, the wrestling fans. How do you feel about a Jericho/Orton Wrestlemania Match? What are your predictions for Sunday and the Road to Wrestlemania? So please feel free to leave a lil feedback and hit up the polls.


That's all for now, but there's more where that came from.