Brett Favre Zealots: Please Remain Jets Fans

Tim SeemanAnalyst IFebruary 12, 2009

As a member of Bleacher Report's Green Bay Packers community, I came across a lot of people with varying opinions on Brett Favre and his return to football last summer.

At first, most were excited about the prospect of Favre returning. When it became clear that the Packers were sticking with their man Aaron Rodgers, lines were drawn in the sand amongst fans.

There were those who remained loyal to the Green Bay Packers.  To 12 NFL championships. To Hutson and Herber, Lombardi and Starr, Dickey and Devine, Majik and Mandarich.

Then there were those who remained loyal to the gunslinger. That Mississippi boy. The man who helped put the title back in Titletown. The touchdowns leader, the wins leader, and the interceptions leader.

Maybe you know, but if you don't, I stayed a Packer fan. At first, I though I might be able to get used to this Jets thing, this other shade of green. But the Meadowlands turned out to be nothing like Lambeau Field. "J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets" isn't quite the same as "Go Pack, go."

Obviously, there were plenty of people who found themselves capable of giving up their cheeseheads. Plenty who didn't feel the same player-fan connection when unheralded guys like John Kuhn, Ruvell Martin, or David Martin do the Lambeau Leap as they did when Favre did it that one time.

To these people, I say stay away.

Packer fans don't need your help to support a new quarterback that you would've booed, too, had you been at Family Night in August. Packer fans don't need your help to recognize Greg Jennings' talent as a wide receiver. Packer fans don't need your help to criticize a general manager who likes to keep the wallet closed in March.

All Packer fans need you to do is stay a Jets fan.  Go buy Kellen Clemens jerseys. Watch as Laveranues Coles and Thomas Jones start getting old. Cringe every time Tom Brady and Randy Moss burn the secondary's triple coverage. And enjoy 2009. I know I will.