Why the 2009 WWE Draft Will be the Best Yet

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

Last year's draft was shocking, yet predictable.  I personally predicted every wrestler switch, except Triple H.

Last year we saw:

Raw gain: Michael Cole, C. M. Punk, Rey Mysterio, Batista, and Kane.

ECW gain: Matt Hardy

Smackdown! gain: Jim Ross, Umaga, Mr. Kennedy, Jeff Hardy, and Triple H.

The supplemental draft saw 18 more superstars change brands, and most of them were good moves.

Why was this so good?

Everyone knew big names were going to move, because the WWE needed a ratings shift. However, not many people though Triple H would be moving.  The WWE had shocked us time and again, and that's what they're planning just eight shorts days after Wrestlemania 25.

Jeff Hardy got out of John Cena's shadow, and was finally able to become the WWE's top face.

Things we know going into the 2009 draft:

1.  Smackdown is going to be the pressing issue, again.

With their network getting switched around again, Smackdown will need more people to keep viewers up.

2.   ECW will always be the last priority in a WWE draft.

Since the show is now known for being for youngers superstars, in need of work.

3.  If The Undertaker jumps brands, so will Michelle McCool.

The Undertaker has major pull in the company.  So if infact he wants to be on the same show as his girlfriend, he probably will.

However, since Raw and ECW are generally taped on the same night, they could be put on those two brands.

4.  Triple H and Shawn Michaels will go wherever they want.

Shawn Michaels would rather walk away then be put on a brand to where he can't attend church.  Triple H can do...whatever he wants, so that limits things.  Triple H has proved he was willing to go to Smackdown!, but I doubt if he'll stay their another year.  Shawn will not go to ECW, he just is too big a star to be on ECW.

5.  Batista will be coming off an injury right around that time.

Batista hasn't won the world title since his new debut on Raw...

Wait, he has?

You're kidding me!

Does anyone truly remember his title reign?

So this is the draft as how I see it going down.
(Keeping in mind that this is a mock draft, and I will post another one closer to the draft)

Pick one:  To Smackdown!, Christian Cage.

The fast talker will be featured highly on the Raw brand.  They're in need of another face, because Batista is hurt.

Pick two:  To Smackdown!, C. M. Punk

C. M. Punk is in need of this switch.  He's become VERY stale on Raw, and maybe the switch will be do him good.

Pick three:  To Raw, Matt Hardy

The Hardy feud will be done after Wrestlemania, and Matt Hardy will be in need of a scenery switch.  Matt Hardy could be a very good heel on Raw.

Pick four:  To ECW, Mr. Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy has been hurt most of his stay on ECW, and his stock has been dropping.  Mr. Kennedy could be be the top face on ECW, and then he could go on to win Money in the Bank, and leave the show.

Pick five:  To Raw,  Edge

This pick will make more sence later on.

Pick six:  To Smackdown, Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix is the best women's wrestler can do wonders for Smackdown's Diva's division.

Pick seven:  To Raw, The Miz

They have to break up Miz and Morrison eventually.  While The Miz goes to the Raw roster and is pushed as a mid-carder, John Morrison can be left on ECW and pushed as a main-eventer.

Pick eight:  To Smackdown, Batista

Batista loves the Smackdown brand, and I think the WWE values his happiness. 

Pick nine:  To Raw, Triple H 

Triple H needs to go back to Raw.  He could very easily stay on Smackdown!, but I doubt he will.

Pick ten:  To ECW, The Big Show

I'm tired of ECW shoving Mark Henry down our throats.  Maybe they can give us someone with talent.  While the Big Show was on ECW, he was at his best.  Why not let him do it again.

Pick eleven:   To Smackdown!, Randy Orton 

With Edge off the show, Orton will get a chance to play top heel.  Randy Orton has said he wants to be the WWE's top guy.  Here's his chance.


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