Don Nelson On Warriors Roundtable: Recap (02/11/09)

Ryan ClarkContributor IFebruary 12, 2009

A few weeks ago, Scott Howard-Cooper wrote an article about how Nellie felt his relationship with the Bay Area media has turned sour this season (link here).

As Cooper mentioned, Nellie's plan was to appear on a radio talk show where he would be allowed to communicate directly to the fans. His original plan was to appear a week ago, but it wasn't until tonight that he appeared on Warriors Roundtable on KNBR 680.

If this is some part of Nellie's major plan to manipulate everyone in the Bay Area, then call me a sucker, because I believed every word he said tonight. He came off very sincere and honest about every topic that the callers brought to his attention. In case you missed him, I'm going to summarize some of the key points that were talked about.

While some callers did not agree on who should be playing how many minutes a game, it was clear that people could not understand the rotations Nellie has been using. Nellie said that he has been very conservative lately, which is why Jackson and the other starters have played so many minutes.

He claims that once the roster is at full strength, and if Anthony Randolph continues to play well, then the veterans will be playing less each game.

Another major topic lately has been the trade rumors. A concerned season ticket holder called in to express how he pays to watch Ellis and Biedrins play, and does not want to see them get traded. Nellie insures that there will be no major trades for the Warriors before the deadline, especially including Ellis and Biedrins, who are in the base years of their contracts.

Anthony Randolph was a popular topic among callers. One caller asked who has a future with the Warriors between Randolph and Wright. Nellie responded by saying that both players have a future here, Wright at the four, and Randolph at the three. He even said that Randolph may see time at the three this season if he continues to play well, and the full line-up is healthy.

The final topic of note was when a caller asked what Nellie thought of Jackson's play as of late. Nellie talked about how if Jackson were a consistently good rebounder, he would be among the great players in the league. He praised his court awareness and noted his 10 assists - 0 turnover game against the Knicks. To everyone's surprise (including myself), the caller turned out to be Stephen Jackson himself and the studio had a good laugh.

Overall, the discussion was light-hearted and comforting, everything that I had hoped for. Nellie showed that he is on the same page as most Warriors fans, agreeing with a caller that this team has a talented young nucleus that just needs to be developed.

Hopefully the Nellie that I heard tonight resonates through the organization and the Bay Area, so everyone just relaxes and watches this team develop into an explosive playoff contender.