Why Can't the MLB Just Get Past This and Move On?

MikeContributor IFebruary 12, 2009

To start off, I'm very much NOT a Yankee fan. Not where this is coming from.

 Baseball needs to stop dwelling on the past,sure remember Ted Williams was probably the best hitter who ever lived, Babe Ruth probably made baseball "America's past time," and Willie Mays and "The Catch" is all time great baseball but, Alex Rodriguez using steroids/HGH or whatever else he did eight or 10 yrs. ago?

First off, the results from the tests done back then were not only supposed to be kept secret (no matter positive or negative, no names/no discipline) AND the test results were supposed to be destroyed.

Ok, Selig did make a ruling that this was against the rules a few years earlier but still, that was the agreement when the tests were done(players union, MLB,etc..)

So here's what needs to happen,put a big * or three next to any records that were set between 1985-2005,more stars for the more important records since there is no way or saying who really did 'roids, so might as well punish EVERYONE, even Cal Ripken, give him credit only for 1982-1985.

Or since he was a stand-up guy maybe give him the benefit of doubt and let him be ok from '82-90..an extra five years for being a "good guy."

OR, since that would pretty much ruin baseball the same way as it would if they felt the need to put any kind of designation to any of A-Rods accomplishments, destroy the records that were supposed to be destroyed five years ago and stay in the present with the drug testing and actions taken for a positive result.

I believe this should be the way to go since we have the "great"..lol Mr. Selig running the game and actually considering taking action against A-Rod to the point of even messing with the record books as far as records and stats having to do with A-Rod, Total BULL.

Like I said I'm not a Yankee fan, or even an A-Rod fan for that matter, but if Selig thinks that messing with the records or stats for anyone is the right thing to do, he will destroy everything Babe Ruth did for baseball. 

The second part of what got me thinking about writing this is,all the greats from the past 20 or so years seemingly made baseball a joke, Mr. Selig this is aimed straight at you...PETE ROSE ONLY BET ON BASEBALL!!!!