NBA Free Agency 2012: Adding Aging Vets Like Steve Nash Won't Solve Knicks' Woes

Matt Shetler@@buccos12Correspondent IJune 21, 2012

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The NBA Finals are still going on, but that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from running wild as it pertains to the New York Knicks' offseason plans.

While the Knicks are still awaiting the decision on the hearing concerning the Bird rights of waived players, veteran players such as Steve Nash, Jason Kidd and Ray Allen have expressed interest in possibly playing in the Big Apple on 2013.

However, while all of the attention is nice, adding an aging vet won't solve the Knicks' problems.

One of the natural reasons is financial.

The Knicks will be in a tough salary cap position for a couple of years, especially if the decision goes against the players union like many expect it to.

Nash would certainly command a multi-year deal and the Knicks simply can't invest money that ties up the salary cap in aging veterans, who one day could wake up and not be the same players they were.

Guys like Kidd and Allen are already there and while they likely could be had for a one-year deal, it almost certainly wouldn't be for the veteran's minimum and that creates a problem. Knicks' general manager Glen Grunwald can't spend money he doesn't have, which means guys like Kidd and Allen are probably out as well.

However, signing the big name, while it may look good on a press release, doesn't address the Knicks' major problems.

There are priorities the Knicks must address first. 

One major one is frontcourt depth. They have to find a body or two that can rebound and play defense. New York should have enough scoring, what they need to do is become tougher defensively.

Everyone saw what a different team the Knicks were when Tyson Chandler wasn't on the floor in 2012 and adding a big body or two to prevent that drop off is a must.

Re-signing Lin and adding a backup point guard are also musts for Grunwald.

While Nash and Kidd are point guards, they aren't likely affordable if the Knicks lose the Bird rights' hearing. What Grunwald needs to focus on are guys that can fill a roles.

Adding depth and guys that can fill certain roles is the only thing that makes the Knicks better.

Everyone, including myself, would like to see Nash, Kidd and Allen in a Knicks uniform, but signing them wouldn't necessarily make the team better.

There's only one ball and most of the time it's in Carmelo Anthony's hands. With that being the way it is, you don't know how adding former stars will work out chemistry wise and the Knicks have enough problems dealing with that on their current roster.

The Knicks don't need aging vets right now, what they need is guys that can come in and do specific jobs.

If that's not the approach, there's no guarantee the Knicks will be a better team in 2013 then they were in 2012.