Jesus Montero Is Jorge Posada's Heir Apparent

Kevin RozellSenior Writer IFebruary 11, 2009

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Mark Feinsand of the Daily News wrote an interesting piece today on his blog. He talks about Jesus Montero possibly being Jorge’s replacement after his career is over.

Many doubt that Jesus can stay at the catcher position, but I really haven’t heard anything as to why he can’t. He has tremendous power, and playing the catcher position makes him even more valuable. Jesus is only 19 years old, so he has time to develop in the minors before he gets the call.


Montero’s best year in the minor leagues

Charleston Riverdogs -

(2008) 525AB  .326AVG  171H  86R  17HR  87RBI  .376OBP  .491SLG  [First full season]


Posada’s best year in the minor leagues

Prince Williams Cannons & Colonie Yankees

(1993) 435AB  .260AVG  113H  74R  17HR  61RBI  .361OBP  .448SLG


from Mark Newman (Yankees Vice President of Baseball Operations):

“That’s our intention and, more importantly, that’s his intention, too,” said Mark Newman, the Yankees’ vice president of baseball operations. “Right now, he hasn’t shown us anything that tells us he can’t do it. He improved his throw-out percentage last year. He’s a big boy, so he’s got to maintain lower body flexibility, but he’s got very good arm strength and he’s very bright, so he’ll run a game very well.”

“The conventional wisdom might be that he’s too big. But our attitude is that he can do it and we expect him to do it. He’s a catcher and he’s nothing beyond that, at this time.”

Montero, who played in the Futures Game at Yankee Stadium last summer, had a huge season at Charleston, the Yankees’ low-Class A affiliate in 2008, batting .326 with 17 homers and 87 RBI. It was his first full season. Montero likely will move up to high-A Tampa in 2009, Newman said.

     I have high hopes for Montero, and I expect big things out of him. I still can’t believe he is less then two years older then me. He has a really high ceiling, and he’s a guy that you should keep an eye on.


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