Darren Rovell Confirms He Is Leaving CNBC for ESPN

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Darren Rovell Confirms He Is Leaving CNBC for ESPN

Today, ESPN can say it is bringing back an old talent with the return of Darren Rovell to Bristol.

The sports business reporter and Twitter extraordinaire left ESPN in 2006 to join CNBC (via The Big Lead), but on Thursday announced via Twitter that he would be joining the Worldwide Leader:

Jim Miller has more info on the deal via Twitter:

For those of you with any interest in the business side of sports, you already know that Rovell is a must-follow on Twitter. Sure, the headline tweets after a sporting event are a bit corny, but his account provides stats and information on the business side of the games by the bucketful.

While it's uncertain if Rovell will have a show on ESPN like the NBC Sports Network's SportsBiz: Game On, he has signed two separate contracts with ESPN and ABC, according to Miller:

So get ready to see a whole lot of Rovell on SportsCenter, ESPN.com and all your other favorite ESPN programming, kids. It's a match made in heaven, really—the most famous sports business reporter joining forces with the most scrutinized and interesting company in the world of sports.

We'll see what happens if Rovell tries to turn his gaze inward at the inner workings of Bristol. Methinks his gaze won't stay inward for long.

Feel free to leave your headlines on this news in the comments. I'm just kidding, actually—everyone knows it's corny, even in jest.

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