Is The Top WWE RAW Tag Team About To Be Fired?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIFebruary 11, 2009

As many know in the WWE it is all about that Money, Money, ya ya. And although they are fan favorites, WWE's Cryme Tyme may be getting let go soon. Word has it that Cryme Tyme's Shad Gaspard is on the bubble and could be let go soon.

He is a big man and has not had as much wrestling experience as the others that are out there in FCW ready to move up. Guys like Eric Escobar come to mind. Kind of a big guy who is coming up and is ready for his chance.

While you have others out there like Shad who have just been up there because of a gimmick and nothing more. Shad was slated to be in the Rumble match along with JTG, but to show him that he needs to improve they kept him out. says:

"John Laurinaitis, WWE’s Senior Vice President of Talent Relations, recently had a face-to-face meeting with Gaspard specifically telling him the company was unhappy with his lack of progress. Gaspard has been training at the Florida Championship Wrestling school in between road trips.

Gaspard has always been slow when it comes to picking things up. While he’s actually improved greatly, it is because he started out so slowly that he’s now only below average.

This is one of the reasons why he is never used in singles matches and his ring time is generally kept short in tag matches with JTG doing most of the work. Had it not been for the Cryme Tyme gimmick, it is unknown if Gaspard would have been called up to the main roster in the first place."

Which is pretty bad to me. When a guy like Laurinatis is not on your side you have trouble. He has always been good with wrestlers and he brought many in and stuck his own neck out there for them in the past.

Unless they put JTG in singles stuff and give him a nice push he may be going down with Shad. Which is really sad to me. JTG is a great wrestler who just needs a push to succeed.

He has never had a singles match on WWE TV worth mentioning, and that isn't his fault, it is the WWE's. I feel if they do a similar thing they did with Brian Kendrick it would be good.

And you don't even have to release Shad, make an injury for him and put him down in FCW for a little while. When he gets ready you can bring him back up and he may be able to have a nice singles career.

They are getting revenue, and the fans are behind them. But with this coming out, and having management against him, it could be why they have not held any gold yet.

Only time will tell on what they do. But, if they make money they will stick around, we have seen this in our time as fans. But, if they continue to have lousy matches according to the WWE, we won't see Cryme Tyme in the WWE anymore.

It is a shame, but you never know officially witht he WWE. However, when release rumors come out they usually happen. At least the past 2008 releases have been that way.