The WWE Draft Is A-Comin: What Should Happen For The Divas

Christi LottCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2009

WWE recently announced the WWE Draft will be happening on April 13, not shortly after Wrestlemania 25. Usually happening in the summertime, the move to right after WM is an interesting one, obviously aimed at improving the sagging ratings.

We know that the WWE tends to ignore the Divas during this night, I will take it upon myself to refresh each shows' roster, because let's face it, they all need one.

Who needs to get drafted

Mickie James

In a shocking move, the WWE's most popular Diva should be drafted to ECW. Weird, I know, but with Katie and now apparently Natalya, ECW can really become something.

I'm hoping for Mickie to re-visit her former psycho self and enter the Land of the Extreme. Also, it seems to be the place for developmental divas, and Mickie being there to help them is a great move.

Candice Michelle

Candice should join the rest of her Diva search counterparts on Smackdown. Like Mickie, she also needs a refresher, and the pre-taped Smackdown will be better for her.

Rosa Mendes

I'm not behind her and her gimmick. I don't think it does anything for Beth nor for Rosa herself. After this story runs its course, which will probably be by Draft time, Rosa should go to ECW. I've seen video of her in action, and I'm not impressed at all.

Working against Alicia Fox while getting training from Natalya and Katie will be good for her. 


The self-proclaimed "Sexiest of the Sexy" should be on RAW. The WWE loves a very hot blonde, and this one has proven herself a capable star. She can fill a void of a heel on RAW and put on matches to get Kelly Kelly over.

I'd personally like to see her in a match with Melina as well, as these two personality driven Divas could have a solid showing.

Gail Kim

If Gail has yet to debut at this point, or manages to debut on SD, she should come to RAW to fill the void of Mickie James. SD right now doesn't really focus on their Divas as the egos and personalities of their male stars get all the attention. Gail would be best served on RAW.

Honorable Mentions:

Michelle McCool - Needs to move, but probably never will. I also don't think she can cut it on RAW. Better served with new people coming to SD.

Kelly Kelly - Needs to be on a show with less physically aggressive heels, but like Michelle will be better served with a heel like Maryse coming to RAW.

I also have a feeling that ECW will become home to more of the developmental divas, which is a good thing, and they will be added to my roster lists.

So, here's the Diva rosters after the Draft:


Heels: Beth Phoenix, Jillian Hall, Maryse, Layla

Faces: Melina, Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim


Heels: Michelle McCool, Candice Michelle, Nikki Bella

Faces: Maria, Eve Torres, Brie Bella, Wesley Holliday


Faces: Mickie James, Alicia Fox, Angela Fong, Tiffany

Heels: Rosa Mendes, Katie Lea, Natalya