The WWE May Have Had Brain, Courage All Along

James YaegerContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

As we all know by now, the much-anticipated return of Christian Cage took place in a quiet way on ECW this past Tuesday. Because of the all of the previous articles about when and how he would return, those articles will now turn to articles about anger.  Anger about when and how he did return.

But, the WWE may have been thinking after all, and it was quite a courageous move as well.  And I, for one, believe that it may have been a good move to put him on ECW, just as long as it is short term.

For one thing, ECW needs new stars and new viewers.  This Tuesday's ECW scored a 1.3 rating, which is approximately 1,935,000 households.  At the same time, the last Monday Night RAW came in at a 3.4 rating, or right around 3,893,000 households.  Both channels are carried by most of the major cable/satellite providers, and therefore approximately 1,957,950 households that watch WWE RAW do not carry over to ECW. The return of Christian on ECW could be an excellent way to turn some of those Christian fans into ECW fans, and keep them tuned in.

This also gives Christian a chance to more or less have an entire brand in front of him. More than likely, he was going to have to work his way up from the upper midcard anyway, so why not let him do it on a show where being on the upper midcard almost assures you a shot at the brand's top title.  I can almost guarantee you that Jack Swagger would like going into WrestleMania embroiled in a feud with Christian more than he would if he was feuding with the likes of Tommy Dreamer, let alone an Irishman and a swindling leprechaun.

And to those who think that Christian will never get any airtime on the main shows, think again.  ECW is filmed with RAW, after all.  Jack, Matt Hardy, Finlay and of course Miz and Morrison have been know to get some really good airtime on the show. I wouldn't put it past Vince to give him a big video package on either of the big shows. I also doubt that he won't be mentioned on SmackDown, with Edge and BOTH of the Hardys there.

Of course there are the downsides as well. For one, he still won't get the same feuds that he would on SmackDown or RAW.  He'll have the challenge of getting noticed in a roster full of inexperience in the ring.  He'll have to work harder to mold that inexperience into a good match.  I doubt he'll have the war of words that he would with HHH, Edge, or Jeff Hardy.  And we also won't get the same sizzle at WrestleMania that we would have had he been involved with Edge or Hardy.

But, I would expect his ECW career to be a short-lived one, as eventually WWE will run out of options in the small pond of talent that is WWE's ECW.  Eventually Christian will be on to feuding with the main eventers on SmackDown or RAW.

That is, unless a certain person decides he has "No Chance".