Christian Returns...and Wrestling Will Change Forever

Stone Roses ReuniteContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

Rumors have plagued Bleacher Report when it comes to Christian Cage and where he'll turn up next. Some said he'd be at The Royal Rumble, others at Wrestlemania.

I myself couldn't do much more than guess on when and where he'd make his return. Contrary to what other people may say, Unless you work within WWE, nobody had a clue, either.

You probably don't have any idea who I'm talking about. Perhaps the picture is a bit of a giveaway. Why, of course, it's Christian Cage of WWE/TNA fame.

He made his famous return to WWE last night on WWE's (some might say) third brand ECW. While it may have fallen short of Chris Jericho's debut or the return of Hulkamania it was indeed epic.

OK, now I'm now going to sound hypocritical. In my very first article, I talked about the prospects of what could happen at Wrestlemania. I stated that in a dream scenario Christian would battle it out with Edge, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy in a title match.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Sources close to me have suggested that Vince McMahon became aware of my article and quickly decided to change plans. Well, what other explaination could you give?

He must have seen my second article about how Jack Swagger would come up against the 'unstoppable force' that is Tommy Dreamer at Wrestlemania. The power-hungry billionaire just couldn't go with the predictable flow.

Now, I know this whole Christian returning to WWE thing has made a lot of noise on the internet over the last while. But this is my one question.


Contrary to  what people might believe, Christian Cage is not on the same level as the majority of the WWE main eventers at the moment. He is to Edge what Matt is to Jeff, what Jim Neidhart was to Bret, what that dude that was in that tag-team with Shawn Micheals is to HBK.

If there was no TNA, Christian might have ended up going the way of the Val Venises, Tests and The Godfathers. Granted he lasted past the attitute era and performed in those ground-breaking ladder matches, but let's face it. He hasn't really got ... it.

He's a lower-rate version of Edge. But I hope he proves me wrong on his return to the big leagues because, well, I actually don't mind the guy. But maybe that's just it. I don't mind the guy, but I don't find him too entertaining, either.

Personally, I would've rather seen D-Lo Brown in his shoes right now, but that's why wrestling is different to everyone, I guess.

Vince made the right choice in sending Christian to ECW. A return to ECW is pretty much what Jason Reso needed. Bring him back in slowly and then when he's back and familiar with working the matches, try and set him off on some good feuds.

It would not make much sense to drop the guy back in at the top of the roster. Remember that he left the company to work for the competition. Well, not the Raw roster, anyway.

Going straight into a title feud with Swagger at WrestleMania is a very, very good move on Christian's part. It does bring up a good scenario on who'll go over. I'm kinda going to mark out here but it does pose a good dilemma.

If Christian wins, it's a title victory in his first PPV match. Internet wrestling fans from across the world rejoice and Christian proceeds to destroy everything the ECW roster has to offer and before you have time to say ''For the benefit of those with flash photography'', he's arrived on Smackdown to challenge for a real world title.

If Swagger wins, a title victory for Swagger against an experienced superstar only shows that Swagger is on to bigger things. His victory is just as important as Christian's loss because it will show that 'contrary to popular belief' Christian is actually just a top level mid-carder or a lower-card main eventer. God, who himself is a wresting mark, becomes angry at WWE's error of using Christian and blows up the earth.

Anyway folks, I'm just glad this is all over, until Kurt's contract expires, goodbye.

(Also when it does come to talk about Kurt's return at least he can justify all the cyberspace because, contrary to popular belief, he is a great performer.)