Ted Thompson Needs Plastic Surgery: Brett Favre Retires Again

Chris ScheiCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2009

Look at the picture above. Do you see that smile on Ted Thompson's face? He won't be able to stop smiling until he gets plastic surgery to remove it.

Brett Favre retired from the NFL last March. A few weeks later, he privately informed the Packers that he wanted to return.

So the Packers set up a news conference to announce Favre's return. Two days before the PC, Favre called it off, telling the Packers he changed his mind, and was done for good. He also informed Ted Thompson that he "may wake up one day in July and still want to play, so be prepared."

So, a player that just retired and said he was done for good also just said he may want to play in a few months. After years of Favre holding the Packers hostage, Thompson had had enough, and he the Packers were moving on without Brett.

In 2007, Favre had just had an MVP type season. Favre's very poor seasons in 2005 and 2006 were a long-lost memory in the minds of many Packer fans, furious that Thompson would dare not do what Favre told him to do.

But Thompson and coach Mike Mccarthy saw something. In a late season game at Soldier Field and in the NFC Championship game at Lambeau Field, Favre played terribly. They also had noticed that Favre had struggled in December for the third straight season.

Including this December, Favre has thrown 13 TDs compared to 31 ints in the last four months of December. And Tony Romo gets grilled for his play in December?

In the late months of the football season, Favre's 39 year old body was exactly that. So Favre was traded to the Jets, who hailed Favre as the cure of what ails them.

When the Jets started out 8-3, Favre was the sole reason for that, in the minds of Favre fans. During the Jets late season collapse, Favre fans were quick to point out all of the faults other than Favre.

Meanwhile, in Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers put up better numbers than Favre's 2007 season. Favre fans were quick to point out that the team went from 13-3 to 6-10 under Rodgers, refusing to realize that Rodgers had the NFL's 23rd best defense, compared to the sixth best in '07.

Rodgers "inability" to come through in the clutch was also criticized, even though many times Rodgers lead his team to tie or take the lead, only to watch the defense give it right back with very little time left.

After the season, Jets players had the same criticisms of Favre as did many Packer players—he was a horrible teammate.

Brett Favre is one of my favorite athletes of all-time. But I will not act like it is the New York or Green Bay Bretts when they are winning, and the New York Jets or Green Bay Packers when they are losing.

Brett won many games for the Packers, as part of a team. He lost many as well, as part of a team.

I will always love Brett Favre. But last year, he thought he was bigger than the Green Bay Packers, and he is not. He was taught that the hard way. Many of his complaints about Ted Thompson is that Thompson didn't do what Brett wanted him to do.

Which is exactly right. Ted was the GM and Brett was the QB for a reason. It wasn't Brett was the QB and had a say in GM duties, and Brett wanted it to be.

So right now, Ted Thompson is somewhere out there with a grin from ear to ear. All of the crap that Brett put him, the fans, and the organization of the Packers through was irresponsible and selfish.

And in New York, Brett got what he deserved. In Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers and Ted Thompson got what they deserved. The kid that Favre thought would never have a prayer of out-playing him...