Lamar Odom can be the Lakers' LeBron James

Wesley MairContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

Now, don't look at me like I'm stupid or like I have no idea what I just said when you get done reading that headline. I'm not saying that Lamar Odom is LeBron James. I'm not stupid, you know. All I said is that he can be.

He won't be able to average 28 points, of course, because Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol are the two main scorers and when Andrew Bynum gets back, he will most likely be the third option. However, Odom is able to average more rebounds than LeBron. He is able to pass and get his assists as well.

The only problem with Lamar Odom is that he is not consistent. A lot of people tend to believe that he can't give you a double-double every game or for most games. After his performance at Cleveland, grabbing 17 boards and scoring 28 points against LeBron's Cavaliers, one can say he had a better performance than LeBron and Kobe. Kobe was sick, but still Lamar proved his dominance.

They tried about three different defenders on Odom, but none of them worked. Lamar grabbed a rebound over Ilgauskas and LeBron and dunked it. I thought, "If he plays like that every night he would have been an all-star by now."

You know that humiliating and embarrassing loss against the Celtics in the finals opened up Odom's inner LeBron. The Lakers were called upon for being too weak and soft. Plus, Lamar Odom was being criticized a lot for his disappearance in the finals. So that just basically woke him up and he was out for revenge against Boston and Cleveland, and you know what, he got it.

Now it's time to see if he can keep that mentality. If Odom can just find it in himself to average 19 or 20 points, 10 or 11 boards, about four or five assists, a block, and a steal per game, the Lakers will win a championship for sure.

Last year, I kept saying that the Lakers needed Bynum to win. If they had Bynum, they would have won. The reason I said that was because I completely forgot Odom was even on the Lakers' team Last year. This year is different, I hope. It's different because Lamar showed up for the first time in a long time, so that makes me say the Lakers don't need Bynum to win the championship, but having Bynum would make it a whole lot easier.

Like I said before, I know Lamar doesn't have the scoring ability as LeBron James, but he can do everything else almost as good. He can pass, rebound and play defense not as well as LeBron, but I give Lamar credit when he deserves it. Most of y'all might be thinking that it's impossible for Odom to average the kind of numbers that I listed above. 

When or if he does, I don't want to say I told you so, but I told you so. Lamar Odom might not be the LeBron you all know in Cleveland, but he is the LeBron the Lakers need in L.A.