Nick Swisher Eyed by Atlanta Braves—Why?

Kevin MarkumCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2009

With Bobby Abreu and Adam Dunn off the market, rumors have swirled that the Braves might set their focus on Nick Swisher of the New York Yankees.

Apparently, when the Yankees acquired Swisher from the White Sox earlier in the off-season, the Braves were also making an attempt to get him from Chicago.

Now, the Braves want to grab him from the Yankees' crowded outfield.

His stats from last year don't suggest he is anything special.

He only batted .219 with 24 home runs, 69 RBI and 86 runs in 2008.

Sure, the power is average, but that .219 sticks out to me.

More than likely, Swisher would require one of the Braves' top outfield prospects.

Likely, the Yankees would want Jordan Schaefer, Jason Heyward, or Gorkys Hernandez.

They would also, potentially want a mid-level pitching prospect; as everyone knows Tommy Hanson is off limits.

Why trade great prospects for a guy that hit .219?

I know he has a couple of years batting .260+, but his career average is only .244.

Jason Heyward could be called up and bat .270 with 20+ home runs right now.

Matt Diaz and "player to be named" could also serve in a platoon together to out-produce Swisher in left field.

The best thing the Braves could do right now is get out of the outfielder market, unless they look at a guy like Xavier Nady from the Yankees.

They have too much talent in-house to give up prospects for a simply average player in Nick Swisher.

They should have given Andruw Jones a look, if you ask me.