Kobe Bryant v. NBA Writers and Experts

Ralph isaacAnalyst IMarch 9, 2008


Few can disagree with me that Kobe Bryant was supposed to win 4 MVP trophies already. But those Pundits decided that he didn't deserve them. Lets go back to 2002-2003 when Shaquille O'neal conviniently decided to have toe surgery right before the season started. The Lakers started the season with a few games under .500. Kobe must have felt that he had to dominate or else the lakers would risk missing the playoffs. He did just that, he flat out dominated the opposition, he was scoring 40 point games as often Kwame Brown goes DNP in Memphis(now). He went on that ridiculous streak in January where he scored 9 straight 40 point games, a feat only done by Michael Jeffrey Jordan and Wilt chamberlain. The lakers won 8 out of those 9 games. With Shaq getting back to form by then, the Lakers finished the season 18 games overe .500. Yet kobe got no respect from the writers who didn't even bother considering what he had done.


Now fast foward to 2005-2006 when the lakers front office decided to put guys like Smush "I'm as good as Kobe" Parker as the Lakers starting PG and Kwame "Big Time Bust" Brown as the Lakers starting Center. Imagine playing with a center that everytime you pass him the ball, you are literally on the edge of your seat, hoping that he doesn't turn the ball over. Or a Point guard who can't stay in front of his man to save his life. The fact that He doesnt even get playing time on the miami heat, the worst team in NBA should tell you all there is to know about him. Kobe averaged 35ppg that year and carried the Lakers to a 45-37 record in a tough Western Conference. Yet the excuse the writers came up with was that Kobe didnt make his teammates better. They decided to give to Steve "No Defense" Nash.


Same thing Last year, Kobe took a team that should of been in the lottery to a 42-40 record, averaging about 31.6ppg. Yet they decided to give it to Dirk Nowitzky, saying he was the best player on the best team. What happened next was no surprise to anybody who's been saying for years that Dirk Nowitzky was as soft as pancake : The Mavericks lost to an 8th seeded Golden State Warriors. Dirk Nowitzky literally shrinked, you couldn't find him on the court even if you used  magnifying glass.


Now here we are in 2008 where Kobe toned his game down and has done everything that the so called NBA pundits demanded him for years: Lamar Odom, Sasha Vujacic, Jordan Farmar, Ronny Turiaf, Derek Fisher are all averaging career numbers. But we didn't have to call Houston to find out there was a problem, the stat geeks are flocking out and saying that Lebron James deserve the MVP because he's the "best" player when you look at stats. Not to mention that He's more likable than kobe. The same reasons they argued that others should the MVP over KObe are the same reason that they are arguing that he shouldn't win it now. Some will never forget Colorado, Shaq trade and most all people hate arrogant people. It's a fact of life, there's nothing better than watching an arrogant individual fall and when that individual refuse to fall, they only end up hating him more. 


When somebody asks me again who's the best player and most valuable player in the NBA, I'll answer them this: "Go ask Greg Popopich, one of the best defensive coach out there, How do you stop Kobe Bryant? How do you stop Lebron James?" I'm willing to bet that He'd come up with an answer for Lebron and wouldn't be able to come with one for Kobe.