A Bold Move For The Eagles In The Draft (Trading Up)

James WhiteContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

Like most Eagles fans, I find my spare time ( especially converted toilet thinking time) wondering how the Eagles are going to use both their first round picks. I was annoyed at the time when Eagles traded back in the last draft, especially as I thought Otah would help address our own needs at the OT position. But I new I'd feel better once the '09 draft rolled around.

It's a nice luxury to have the Panthers first round pick and I have high hopes that the OT position will finally be addressed (not including the Justice pick) with one of the better OTs potentially falling to our pick.

I also hope that we pick up one of the top three running backs available to share the load (and eventually replace Westbrook) as one is also likely to fall to us as another good value pick. Westbrook's having troubles wiith injuries of late and another RB would help keep him healthy and prolong his Eagles career. The added OT would also help improve our average running game.

Another common selction in the mock drafts I've seen is Brandon Pettigrew, he's rated highly but due to other team needs, could fall to us in the draft. With great blocking ability he would also help the Eagles rushing game, whilst helping out the passing game in the red zone. Pettigrew and an ever improving Celek would be a great combination. If there's a reason to go against my first gameplan of OT and RB in the first round this is it.

Having the Panthers first round selection made me wonder whether it would be an idea to have the same bold approach as the Panthers did last year. Trade our first round draft pick next year and another pick this year and make a play for Pettigrew. If there's a team with a glaring need at CB that has missed out on the likes of Jenkins and Davis, maybe Lito Shepherd could be part of the deal and we could hang on to our second round pick.

Therefore we draft an OT, RB and Pettigrew in the first round and the best OT available in the second. It's a bold gameplan, perhaps more a dream senario than a likely outcome.