You Silly, Silly Mississippi Boy You!

Dave WalkerCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2009

Wikipedia has already updated it. Brett Favre is retired, again.

This time last year the question was still up in the beer and cheese filled air of Green Bay, will Brett be back? The answer was delivered early in March that Brett was done, and Aaron Rodgers was now the guy.

The Packer organization were gonna go all out for Brett, I mean come one he broke tons of records and actually won a Super Bowl. It was all going to happen on opening night, Monday night, against the hated Minnesota Vikings....

But, Brett had to ruin that. He changed his mind, like he has so many times before that. This time Green Bay said no, no, we will offer you $20 million to stay retired to maintain your legacy as a Packer. $20 Million?

I will stay retired and then some for that kind of money. But not Brett. Thus the Jets era was born, and today, just as fast as it began, it is over.

The big question, other than will he actually go back to Mississippi and stay there, is did he tarnish his legacy? He did help the Jets go from a four-win team to a nine-win team last season, and in my humble opinion, if they would have stayed committed to the run, they probably would have won the AFC East, but that is for another day.

Sure he threw eight picks to only two TD's in the final five games, but this game has record after record, for the time being. I doubt any other QB will ever start as many consecutive games at quarterback, and the man did win three consecutive MVP awards.

Last year sportswriters and columnists compared Brett to others who had come before him and taken the route of going elsewhere after their prime. Names like Joe Namath, Johnny Unitas, and Joe Montana were tossed around.

The bottom line is, everyone will remember that guy who made title town a champion again. Not the No. 4 for the Jets that lasted for just one season.

I personally will remember two games Favre played in. The first being his first pro win.

The Magic Man, Don Majkowski, had been benched by Mike Holmgren in week two of the 1992 season. Favre came in down 17-0 to the Bucs, completed his first pass to himself, and looked like a kid that didn't know his left from his right.

The following week, Majkowski goes down. Favre comes in, fumbles four times. The Lambeau crowd, drunken and angry at the performance were calling for Ty Detmer, yes Heisman Ty, to come in. Now, looking back, I am sure they are glad he didn't.

Down 23-17 late against the Boomer led Bungels, Favre began the march. This is what I will remember. Packer ball, eight-yard line, 1:07 left. Favre just started moving them. A dump pass here, a slant here, hell I think Vince Workman may have had a catch on this drive, but the finale, a 13 yarder to some guy I do'nt remember at all and actually had to look up (Kitrick Taylor) to win the game 24-23.

The next week Favre started the games started streak, and the rest is history. For some reason I still remember this game very well.

The second Brett Favre moment is his Super Bowl XXXI performance. Flawless. He through the underneath, the deep ball, he didn't cost them the ball game. I will remember him running down the field, helmet off, mouth open with that big Louisiana grin, celebrating after a touchdown pass.

Bottom line is Favre will no doubt be a first ballot Hall of Famer. There is no doubt he is one of the best quarterbacks of the past 25 years, and maybe in the NFL all time. But will he stay retired? My thoughts are, please stay retired. You have nothing more to prove.

If you get bored, go coach a high school team in Louisiana.

Go buy a shrimp boat and hire a guy names Dan as your first mate. Whatever you do, stay retired. 20 years from now I still want to be able to think of you as the wild redneck MVP quarterback that played like a linebacker and was tough as nails, not a broken down 40 year old trying to fill a void with a team that has less than a chance to make a run.

But, as Dennis Miller would say, that is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

He would also say blow dry Teddy Kopel's hair, cause this article is over....