The Seattle Mariners Need a New Gimmick, Time to Sign The Kid

Scott HanisContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

The Mariners had a strong tradition of losing up until 1995. But that isn't to say that there weren't memorable moments.

In this day and age, teams tend to get caught up in how they are going to make their teams win. They blow millions on free agents and still struggle to make the playoffs (see the Yankees).

So teams need to come up with ideas to sell tickets and to give some sort of spark to their teams, even if they're not ready to contend. As far as I'm concerned, this is baseball. Anything can happen.

I think we all enjoy a good gimmick. We like to root for something even when our team isn't doing well. With the Mariners, we all remember Ken Griffey Sr. joining the team to play along side Junior.

What do we all remember? Father and son hitting back-to-back homeruns. Griffey Sr. didn't do too much otherwise, but it was a good gimmick and was very memorable.

We loved Lou Piniella's return to Safeco as Tampa Bay's manager.  We love ceremonies and honoring our team's past.

How about Dan Wilson making a pitching change in his final game?  We love booing A-Roid when he's in town (except when we cheered him on at the All-Star game). And we, as fans, remember that the organization did things like that for us.

And how can we forget Griffey's homecoming this past year as a Red. You could see positive memories flowing into Griffey as he addressed the fans and media.

You could tell there still exists a love for the Kid that we would watch crash into the wall, break bones, and smile as he played baseball better than most that have ever walked onto the diamond. We remember the home run-robbing catches and Griffey sprinting in, holding up the ball.

We remember that sweet swing and all the homeruns. We remember him laying on home plate after scoring the winning run against the Yankees in '95.

We need to resurrect No. 24.

Griffey just hasn't been the same without good 'ol No. 24 on his jersey. He needs this chance to find that Kid inside once again. He's a leader that our clubhouse desperately needs.

He can show the many young Mariners how to handle the media and how to have fun with teammates. He can show them how to create long-lasting friendships with teammates (see Griffey and Buhner).

Most importantly, we, as Seattle Mariners fans, need this gimmick. Even if he can't find the Kid inside and shows that age has taken it's toll, it'll still be memorable. Help us bring back those memories of the '90s, watching one of the best ever.

Jack Z, it's time to sign Griffey. He's right there. We won't blame you if it doesn't help give us some wins. We'll sure remember this in the decades to come.

We will blame you if we sign Anderson and it doesn't end up well.