Seven Matches Christian Cage Needs To Fight

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2009

1.  Christian Cage vs Evan Bourne

Evan Bourne is one of the WWE's young stars. (25)  He is considered to have a very bright future.  Evan Bourne has nice high-flying ability; and is still a good technical wrestler.  That is why this match-up is so perfect.  Christian isn't afraid to go to the top, but he's mainly a technical>  You could have them try to out-do the other in their area of expertise.


2.  Christian Cage vs Shawn Michaels

Christian's style is a lot like Shawn Michael's.  They have similar looks and they're both highly skilled in the ring.  They could go back and forth for an hour and I'd be glued to the screen.


3.  Christian Cage vs Mr. Kennedy

These two fast-talkers could have an amazing feud.  They can both talk on the mic incredibly well, and while Kennedy isn't on the same level as Christian in the ring, they could certainly out on some amazing matches.


4.  Christian Cage and Jeff Hardy vs Edge and Matt Hardy

Unless you've never seen wrestling since before the brand switch, you fully understand why this would be awesome.  The history between the four of these men is beyond outstanding.  If this match is TLC, you could see RECORD-SETTING buy rates at whatever PPV you put this into.


5.  Christian Cage vs CM Punk

This is my favorite of all of the matches I presented.  They're both amazing wrestlers and can talk up a storm.  This could be an amazing feud.


6.  Christian Cage vs Randy Orton

Orton can talk a mean game as a heel, and Cage can counter as a face.  These two could put on an amazing match.  


7.  Christian Cage vs Triple H

This will only work if Cage wins.  It will ultimately put behind his doubts about getting a push.  He didn't get a main-event push in his first run, so some people might think he can't get a world title.  If they let him beat the Game, that should put to rest any doubt.