Breaking News: Brett Favre Makes Ted Thompson Look Good

Steven FinchCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2009

With the retirement of Brett Favre, all of the sports writers and "experts" are all wrong. Not Ted Thompson though; he looks pretty damn smart.

Everybody knows Favre's horrible stats this season, so I won't go into that. The one thing that stands out to me is the way he seemed to be OLD this year. His bum shoulder combined with his "gunslinger" mentality destroyed the Jets.

Ted Thompson must have known something, as well as Mike McCarthy. When the trade was made, I told my friend, "No one's going to just give up a franchise QB for nothing." They knew he was done, or they wouldn't have gone with Aaron Rodgers.

I like how Brett tried to turn the fans against Green Bay. I know that they didn't force him to retire. Why would you do that to a QB who was just one drive away from the Super Bowl? There's no way they thought that Rodgers was going to take them to the "promised land."

The Packers even had a press conference set up for March to announce his return to the team. What does Favre do? Cancels with three days to go. So the Packers were moving on to the future. We all know what happened after that.

To all the "Favre" fans in Green Bay, to throw Rodgers under the bus without giving him a chance is just wrong. The only film we had on him was that Cowboys game, and he almost won it. I bet Favre wouldn't have made the game that close the way it was going at the time of the injury.

At week four of the regular season, everyone was all about how dumb TT was for the trade after Favre threw for six TDs. I for one was not convinced; at the time he was playing against a very suspect defense in the Cardinals. The rest of the season proved me right.

Now the Jets don't have a viable quarterback option after getting rid of Chad Pennington, who by the way was considered in the MVP voting this year. They also lost a third round pick to the Packers because of the trade. What do the Jets do now?

To all Jets fans, are you satisfied with the outcome of the trade? I can't see how you are after everything you lost in this deal. Have patience; your team might recover from this in about five years. Don't hold your breath though hoping Favre will return; he is done.

In short, Brett Favre should have gone out considered a top three quarterback—instead he's a top 10. I know how this article makes me look like a bad fan of the Packers, but that can't be further from the truth. I jumped on the TT and MM bandwagon when the trade went down, because I am a Packer fan first, and a fan of players second.