Dear Brett Favre,

Juan Carlos ReyesContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

I was a fan of yours when you donned that famous No. 4 jersey in a different shade of green back in your days as a Green Bay Packer.

However, I felt like you turned your back on me, as well as some other fans in Green Bay, when you decided to part ways and play for the New York Jets.

After you made me waste tears—yes, tears—during your retirement speech almost a year ago when you said you were done, I thought to myself, "There goes one of the classiest and greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game of football."

Then came the little "itch" to play football again. Not cool, Brett.

However, there was a chance that you were going to come back and play for Green Bay, so I was going to forgive you and all would be right with the world.

Then, you got a little bitter when you were told that you were going to have to compete for the starting spot with Aaron Rodgers.

You pushed the brakes on your car, turned around, and said peace out to the people in Green Bay.

Then, the people of that town, who made you a hero, turned Rodgers into an unlikely villain. There was even a six-year-old kid who told Rodgers he sucks.

You decided to go from little 'ol Green Bay and hit the big city of New York, where you were put under the biggest microscope in the world because they are some of the harshest sports critics anywhere.

Oh sure, things looked pretty good in the beginning. Shoot, you even beat the New England Patriots and led the team to a division lead.

Then came a collapse that qualifies as a massive choke.

In the last five games, you threw just two touchdown passes and nine interceptions. The Jets were eliminated, your coach Eric Mangini got the boot, and you were hated on by some of your teammates.

Good job, Brett.

Now, would the same have happened in Green Bay? Probably not. 

I guess playing in New York was a hard lesson to learn.

Today you are letting the public know you are retiring again.

This time, there will be no tears from my eyes. It'll be more like a sigh of relief.

Brett, I'm sure you are a good man with a big heart, but you upset me with your antics when juggling with your "retirement" of 2008.

Now that you are officially calling it a career (fingers crossed), can you do me a favor and stay retired?

You've had your moment in the limelight, and it's time to let someone else steal the show.

Regardless of the crap you put me and some of your other fans through, thanks for the Green Bay. 

Let's just forget New York ever happened.



Juan Carlos Reyes