WWE Bill Of Rights: Amendment IV

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 11, 2009

As Americans, we have many rights that we have earned throughout the course of history. The struggle was ongoing through many years and hardships. WWE superstars haven't always had their rights, so what's today's amendment?


Amendment IV - Right to form a militia (Stable)

Tag teams are considered stables, but I would like to focus on stables of at least three or more superstars.

The right to form a militia, or in WWE terms, "stable," has a long history. Stables have been created for various reasons throughout history. Superstars wanted to get noticed, win championships, gain power, and even just survive in the WWE universe.

Many have come to power throughout history, from the Kliq all the way to the present day Legacy. These stables have all come and gone, but in the collapse of one, another is always formed. On a side note, as you may or may not know, there are stables on B/R. Stables date back many, many years, but they really had an impact in the '90s—the attitude era.

The Kliq had fallen as Scott Hall and Kevin Nash packed their bags and headed for WCW. The Rock had gathered up The Godfather, D'Lo Brown, Faarooq aka Ron Simmons, and the world's strongest man, Mark Henry and formed the Nation of Domination. This was WWE's most prominent All-African American stable.

The Nation was led by The Rock, of course, and they had a bitter feud with Degeneration X (DX), headed by Triple H (Chyna, X-Pac, and the New Age Outlaws were also members). The Rock feuded with Triple H for the Intercontinental Championship while the stables went at each others' throats. Ultimately, the Nation would crumble and disband as DX stood tall.

DX wasn't standing tall for long as Vince McMahon, the WWE chairman, was fed up with DX's antics and decided to "deal" with them. Vince McMahon recruited The Rock and made his government-like stable, The Corporation. Like Vince claimed, anyone who stood up to his corporation had "NO CHANCE IN HELL!" However, DX was able to get under their skin, and the two feuded.

Corporation became extremely powerful when they added the big red monster Kane and his brother, The Undertaker, after merging with Taker's stable, the Ministry of Darkness. DX would be the ones to lose the stable war and finally collapse, but Corporation wasn't standing tall; they were decaying.

Triple H later married Stephanie McMahon, which would usher in the McMahon-Helmsley era. That would fail, too, as WWE purchased ECW and WCW not too long down the line. Those two purchases really showed us a true militia. An invasion that pitted WCW and ECW stars against WWE stars had taken place.

It was a brutal battle with many twists and turns, but WWE, led by Kurt Angle, would be the victor in the long run. That wasn't the last we would see of stables, though. In 2003, WWE witnessed the rise of a new power—legend Ric Flair. With seasoned veteran Triple H, Flair took in two rising stars in the form of Randy Orton and Batista, and formed Evolution. They might have been a little overlooked at first, but when they captured and held every single title on the RAW brand, all eyes were surely on them.

Orton and Batista would later be exiled from the stable as a result of Triple H's jealousy and selfishness. Since Evolution's collapse, we haven't really seen a real power stable, but there were some along the way. JBL's Cabinet had fallen quickly, and in 2006 were introduced to Rated RKO.

Randy Orton and Edge had joined forces to rid the WWE of DX once and for all. Even though Rated RKO won the rivalry, DX would return here and there. Edge would move to Smackdown and marry GM Vickie Guerrero, forming La Familia, another stable that currently controls Smackdown. On RAW, Randy Orton elevated his game and grabbed two youngsters in the forms of Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes for the ride. These three formed Legacy.

Legacy has slowly taken control of RAW by getting rid of Vince McMahon via Orton punt, but there is still a struggle of power between them and the McMahons. Stables have been in the WWE for years and will be for years to come. There are many pioneers of this amendment, which dates back to the '70s, '80s, and so forth. The Hart Foundation was no doubt a pioneer. DX and The Nation of Domination were the ones to pass this amendment along with WCW's NWO (all variations).

*Two man stable, that's an exception.

Amendment IV Milestones/Progress

The Hart Foundation - (World Wrestling Federation Era)

The Kliq - (World Wrestling Federation Era)

The Nation of Domination - (Attitude Era)

Degeneration X - (Attitude Era/New Generation)

Evolution - (New Generation)

The Corporation - (Attitude Era)

The Ministry of Darkness - (Attitude Era)

*The Two Man Power Trip (Triple H & Austin) (Attitude Era/McMahon Helmsley Era)

The Legacy - (New Generation)

La Familia - (New Generation)

ECW/WCW Militia - (Invasion Era)

*Rated RKO (Randy Orton & Edge) (New Generation)

NWO (All variations) - (Monday Night Wars Era/Attitude Era/Invasion Era)