WWE News: The Latest Update on the Future of the WWE Network

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WWE News: The Latest Update on the Future of the WWE Network

Following the announcement of the WWE Network in late 2011, the new channel devoted to the WWE has experienced a great deal of bumps along its journey from going from an idea to being seen on the televisions of fans.

Even after having the debut pushed back and no one picking up the WWE Network, the company might have discovered a plan that will appease the fans and the aforementioned television providers ahead of its debut later this fall.

Here are the latest details on the latest WWE venture from PWInsider.com (via WrestlingInc.com) on what the company plans to do to get more television providers to pick up the network.

According to a report on PWInsider.com, WWE has been considering using a monthly pay subscription model for their upcoming network, similar to HBO and Showtime. According to the report, the company feels that this model may get more providers on board since they will be guaranteed money instead of having to pay WWE for the channel. This is just an alternative being discussed, and nothing is official yet.

After dealing with monthly subscription plans for online services like Netflix, it would be a good move by the WWE to offer their channel as a subscription so more skeptical fans could try it and see if they enjoy it when it debuts this year.

With the company planning to offer the WWE Network on a monthly subscription basis, do you think the venture would have a much better chance to become a success instead of being included in a tier package?



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