I ____________ am here to induct Stone Cold Steve Austin into the Hall of Fame

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IFebruary 11, 2009

The head of the 2009 Class of Hall of Famers is the beer swelling, finger gesturing, hell raising, baddest son of a bitch Stone Cold Steve Austin.

He has inducted Bret "The Hitman" Hart in 2006 and did a good job. The question that everyone has on their mind is WHO IN THE HELL WILL INDUCTEE STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN? There are many candidates for this honor but I've narrowed down to five that should get the honor to do it.

1. Ric Flair - Austin himself asked for the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair inductee Austin in and he would be the front runner and still could be but with the plans for Flair to inductee his good friend Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat there isn't a good possibility that Flair will inductee two Hall of Famers but when you’re the 16-time champ, anything is possible.

2. Bret Hart - He was inducted by Austin himself in 2006 and what a way to return the favor three years later. Bret Hart had one of the greatest matches of Austin's career in ‘97 at WrestleMania 13 and what a way would it all come full circle if he is the one to inductee Austin.

3. Jim Ross - He is expected to inductee the Cowboy Bill Watts but he would be someone I like to inductee Austin. He was inducted by Austin in 2007 so what a way to return the favor.

4. The Rock - Some of you are you saying, “Are you crazy?” But hear me out. Stone Cold helped make The Rock into the superstar he was and the three battles at WrestleMania 15, 17, and 19 were the best and they had countless other matches.

The Rock and Austin were the rivalry of that decade but maybe that's me. The Rock would probably inductee him if it was up to him, but you never know.

5. Vince McMahon - This guy is the man that should and hopefully will inductee Stone Cold Steve Austin and maybe Austin will become Employee of the Month, maybe of the decade. (Jim Ross quote). Vince putting Austin in would be a good way to have Austin inducted. Vince is my pick for to inductee Stone Cold Steve Austin.

If you want Vince McMahon to inductee Austin 3:16 into the Hall of Fame give me a Hell Yeah!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading you vote and tell me who you think will inductee him.

-Adrian Staehle