The Ideal Road To Wrestlemania: Post No Way Out

Chris BrowneCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2009

Again, a lot of people post up the "perfect" Wrestlemania 25 predictions. Unfortunately, almost none of them make sense; they're just copying news they see somewhere else and posting it up as their own idea for some credit. The predictions here, make sense.


1. John Cena (c) vs. Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight Championship

Many people don't see this as even an option. But the JBL-HBK feud is set to end at No Way Out, at least with the stipulations set forth. That leaves Mr. Wrestlemania without a match at Wrestlemania. 

Alot of people talk about HBK v. Undertaker for WM, since both are from Texas. Only problem is, usually the WWE wants its "hometown heroes" to win in their hometown, especially on the grandest stage of them all.

Taker v. HBK would guarantee that one of them would have to lose, obviously. So why not be able to highlight not only those two, but THREE Texas "legends" in the same Pay Per View? I'll elaborate on the third later.

HBK winning at No Way Out would set him up with enough momentum as a "freed man" to put him in the title feud against Cena, who like it or not, is in the Main Event already for Wrestlemania (Even if Cena loses at NWO, he has his rematch clause).

And with Orton "possibly" not facing the likely choice, Cena, at WM, and Jericho likely to be in the "Legends Match" that Vince wants so badly, that leaves the WWE without a bonafide main eventer.

Enter Shawn Michaels.

Cena v HBK was good at WM 23.  The night after on Raw was even better.  And with retirement looming for Shawn Michaels, what a better stage to win one last title reign on, whether it be short or not, than in front of fans in his home state of Texas.


2. Triple H (c) vs. Edge vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship.

This seems like a possibility that nobody it seems outside of me predicts.  But think about the WWE's constant habit of foreshadowing events too easily...and think of Randy Orton's statement last week on Raw.

He mentioned again, that he can challenge the champion of HIS CHOICE at Wrestlemania, whoever that need be. It was obvious before that Cena was challenging Orton, as they had history. Here, Orton has ZERO momentum at all to challenge anyone really.

Sure, he has momentum, but in no particular direction.

Enter No Way Out. Orton defeats Shane, with help from who else....but Steph.  That would explain why Orton emphasized that he was "never" going to punt Steph in the head. Orton wins his match and states that he's going to challenge the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 25, assuming right now its Edge.

First glance, it seems like a good feud already, you have Edge and La Familia vs. Orton and Priceless w/ Steph, almost like a cross-brand feud between competitor/GM partnerships.  That alone would be great for business.

Enter Triple H.

Triple H had the second most momentum in the Royal Rumble, obviously.  Have Trips win the WWE Championship at No Way Out, which allows the perfect setup for a killer Triple Threat Match.  Trips wins in the Elimination Chamber, and earlier in the night Orton already issued his challenge for the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania.

So it now would seem like it went from "GM/Superstar matchups", to who will Steph choose to back, her new partner or her husband. Makes the matchup seem more interesting.  Reenter Edge.

Edge gets his rematch clause, which means win or lose, Edge is in the WWE Championship spot at Wrestlemania 25. Edge gets his rematch clause, which puts him now into the matchup with Triple H and Orton. Now you have two interesting storylines involving the GM's of Raw and SD, being:

Who Will Steph Choose?
Which Brand Has The Superior GM-Champion Partnership allows for three recent feuds to be ignited between the superstars:

Former Rated RKO members
Former Evolution Members
The Recent Feud of Triple H vs. La Familia

The match could be huge, like I said, if operated well. Triple H being the only face in the match could pull an upset win, or either Orton or Edge could sneak in a win out of nowhere, the possibilities are endless, and the additional suspense would add a lot more hype to the match.

Plus, this would provide two major main event matches to the card already.


3. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy: Extreme Rules Match or TLC Match (TLC more likely being its not on ECW)

Enough said. The Hardys have what could be an amazing feud in the making here.  And while some might think it would end at WM if they did a TLC match, it could possibly give either Jeff or Matt some time off after the match. Then the loser of the match can return and hype the match itself. 

I don't have to go into the match itself much here but a TLC match at WM could be classic between two of the innovators of the TLC match.


4. Chris Jericho vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

People forget that Austin is not only a HOF inductee this year, but also the Texas Rattlesnake. And Jericho lately is pushing a storyline where he insults WWE Hall Of Famers.

Have Jericho run a program on Raw where he insults Hacksaw, Slaughter, even Roddy Piper. Enter Austin.

It wouldnt seem out of place for Austin to cut a promo since he's a HOF inductee that Jericho needs to be put in his place by a HOF inductee.

I can see it now....something along the lines of "You've come out here and insulted the WWE Hall Of Famers week after week, but the night before Wrestlemania I'll officially be a Hall Of Famer. Allow me to start off on the right note and whoop your ass on the first night."

First off, Jericho definetly deserves to be at Wrestlemania. And rather than Jericho v. Flair which would be GOD AWFUL, or Jericho v Rourke, which could be even worse, have Jericho face Austin. The two have history, plus, Austin is in better shape than Flair would be in.

Not only that, Jericho is more than capable of picking up the slack. Austin can pick up the win the right way and in front of his fans in Texas.

Then think about the possibilities:  You want a jericho face turn back into Y2J?

Jericho can then come out the night after WM on Raw and say that he was inspired by Austin, and that Austin, like himself, represented the Attitude Era.  Jericho can make his face turn by going back to what he came out as..Y2J.


5. World Tag Team Champions Priceless (c) vs. Cryme Tyme for the World Tag Team Championships

Now I know what you're thinking: Priceless isnt the Champs.  But having Miz and Morrison drop the belts can be the easy way to setup a breakup in the MITB match, and startup Morrison's potential MITB win. Have Priceless pickup the belts to hype up the WWE Championship more, since they become more important as Ortons backup. 

Fans have been calling for a title reign for Cryme Tyme for some "Tyme" now, and the WWE constantly drops the ball.  Gives Priceless more hype as champs, and could setup Cryme Tyme to finally win a title. After all, for all the work they put in, they deserve to hold the titles.


6. Intercontinental Championship Match: CM Punk (c) vs. Kane

While a specialty match could be great for this, too many on the card would be too much. And I know a lot of people think Punk should win MITB again, but winning two straight years and cashing it in the same way lowers his credibility, which he is already low enough on to begin with. 

People also forget that Kane and CM Punk had a brief "partnership" for awhile while Kane was ECW Champ, and the two even challenged for the World Tag Titles on two occasions I believe.  Give Kane some credibility as a decent heel and give him a match on the card at least with some purpose.

7. Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Mr. Kennedy vs. MVP vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Rey Mysterio v. Evan Bourne

This match would make sense as it easily could be the least predictable match on the card, as just about anyone could hypothetically win the match. Rey Mysterio hasn't been in a MITB yet, but anyone who remembers his Halloween Havoc Ladder Match against Eddie Guerrero knows that Rey can perform in a ladder match.

Plus, it could be Rey's outlet to get back in the main event without that ultimate underdog storyline being pitched. 

Bourne would probably have the least chance of winning, but since he is returning and getting hype for said return, he might as well capitalize and put him in a match that highlights his match-style.

Miz would be a runner-up for person with the least chance of winning, but the fact that Miz and Morrison could be broken up before that point could play into the match. Plus, the man is easily the most underrated and improved star in the WWE this past year to year and a half.

That leaves Shelton, Kofi, MVP, Morrison and Kennedy.

And yes, I said there shouldn't be repeat winners, but I mean while he did win the match at WM23, he didn't really win, because he got the title taken from him by Edge.  Kennedy has been searching for an outlet after a few strings of bad luck and poor decision making, and this could be exactly how to get him into the limelight.

Kofi, MVP and Shelton have all gotten various brief teases at a main event push before, so all of which could seem like good matchups to be in the match itself, as any one of them could gain the win to finally break into the main event.

Then there's Morrison.

Morrison carries Miz and Morrison. He carried ECW in Benoit's aftermath. He too is a very underrated superstar, and is calling for a main event calling. You want a way to breakup the tag team and get Morrison into the main event?

Have Miz about to win the match, and have Morrison not only cost Miz the win, but take the briefcase himself. Instant separation, and ticket for possible success for Morrison. Any of those superstars could pickup a win in the MITB match, while realistically six of them have a better-than-average shot of winning.

You'll notice that I haven't included an ECW title Match yet OR a match for Undertaker.  It's not at all that I don't think they should exist on the card, its that to be honest I haven't figured out exactly what to do at this point in time to accommodate to those two matches. I'll read it later and add them in, I'm sure.

If prepared and executed right, the WWE could produce the "Instant Classic" at its 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania, as the matches easily can be setup. It all comes down to what they decide to do with it.