Buffalo Bills' 2009 Offseason Debate

Joe RogersCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2009

Clearly they have a pressing need at DE. The most logical choice would be to draft Orakpo, but Orakpo will most likely be off the board by 11. Which would lead the transition to DL with the top pick but I don't think they should go down that road.

Stroud was solid and I really like the motor on Kyle Williams. Williams isn't a big name but if you are a Bills fan you know he is always consistent ant on stopping the run and does add pressure. You really can't expect much of a DL if there isn't pressure coming from the outside.

Mind you, Schobel did go down and that could very well be the most of the problems- if he returns 100 percent the need isn't that big at all. I think Kelsey is the problem, but he is one of the leaders on the line which is hard to replace with a rookie. 

This leads them to go for a veteran. Anyone hear of Peppers? Buffalo should try, and try very hard, to get him out of Carolina.

As far as Edwards goes I don't think we have a problem with him being a starter. A few people have mentioned his confidence but he has a poise in the pocket that cannot be taught.

Let's not forget he is still very young and has preformed well given the lack of playmakers at wide receiver and at TE. So a TE again is a must and I think we should look for that in the draft because Bo from Tennessee would cost too much. 

However, this wouldn't be addressed with the 11th pick, look to Round Two. 

It's too bad that Hardy was a flop but really I don't know where they turn too. Maybe Armani Toomer to throw some veteran leadership into the mix. It will also take the pressure off Hardy who is trying to recover from injury and he can learn from Evans and Toomer who both have very different receiving styles.

I think going for T.J. or Boldin is too much and not necessary.

As far as Edwards goes, they do need a reliable back up. Some options are Chris Simms, Grossman, Kerry Collins, or Jeff Garcia. I don't think Collins will go somewhere if he wasn't chosen the starter unless he thinks he can take it away from Edwards. Out of whats available I say they should try to sign Garcia.

So that leaves us with what I think is one of the most pressing needs on the team and that is center. Fowler doesn't get it done in the middle and they need someone to step in and just push the LOS. However no center in the draft is worth 11. Maybe bring in Birk to a one or two-year deal while we look around?

Some say they have a need at SS/FS but I have heard they are putting Scott at SS and moving Whitner to FS. I can't comment because I don't know how well Scott is going to preform but he seemed to hold his own when he played and he has the size to be a physical SS, while Whitner has all the tools to be a great FS and hopefully grab some INT's.

To comment on the Jabari Greer situation; I think we should try to keep him. That doesn't mean putting a franchise tag on him. That means if he wants to stay in Buffalo give him a reasonable offer. If he accepts, then great, if not, McKelvin is a more-than-suitable player to step in and take over. Hell isn't that why we drafted him in the first place?

Also Fred Jackson needs to be resigned. He complements Lynch very well in the rushing and passing game. He has said he wants to be here, and I think Buffalo will give him a worthy offer.

Now, if they don't resign Crowell, which they had problems with early in the season last year, I think they should get a LB at 11. That would be the most pressing need, and would probably hold the most value. Buffalo has said that while drafting it goes for the most valuable player at the position.

If Orakpo is off the board, Everette Brown should be the man. Brown is considered to be the best pass rusher in the draft. But Buffalo's pick is really dependent on who Green Bay picks at nine. They have needs at DE and OLB as do Buffalo.

Anyway that's my two cents. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think they will do, or should do.