Is Edge The Best Choice for The Wrestlemania Main Event

PJContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

After No Way Out, the WWE heads into its biggest ppv of the year—Wrestlemania! So who should be the WWE Champion going into the biggest event in the history of professional wrestling? 

Vladimir Kozlov

He is too new...I dont think he could carry the main event spot, maybe for ECW but not the main title the WWE Championship. I definitely do not think he could main event Wrestlemania yet—he is still too green.


At this point, I don't see Undertaker as a champion—plus, I feel he'll be fighting HBK. Fans will want to see that match because of his streak being on the line. I wouldn't be suprised if on the 25 year anniversary, it comes to an end. Because of who I feel he'll be fighting and because of the dominate streak, I just don't see a need to put the belt around the Dead Man.

Big Show

This seems like a fresh idea, but will get old fast. It's actually more fun to watch him squash people. I think he needs another build up of just dominating everyone again. My idea is a pep talk from someone—maybe a manager—that jumpstarts his career again.

Triple H

A lot of people do not like "Trips"—I am a huge fan—but most of his title reigns you can sense before hand. I do not see it happening. However, Triple H would probably love nothing more than to be WWE champ heading into the 25th year anniversary. I do not think it will be good for backstage politics.

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is a very good choice for the championship due to his huge fan base and build up with his brother. However, the build up with his brother is also the downfall of the reason to pick him. Like Undertaker—because he has the build up with his brother he doesn't need the strap for fans to be interested. Plus, I could see him winning Money in the Bank.


In my opinion the best option is Edge. Everyone's favorite thing is at 'Mania the fan favorite to beat the heel and celebrate for hours. I think he also puts on some of the most entertaining matches ever. Edge is my pick to take the strap to Wrestlemania XXV. Now who will he fight—let's see my choices for 'Mania are:

1. Randy Orton

2. Triple H

3. Undertaker

4. Christian

5. Taker Bigshow Triple H Edge (Fatal Four Way)

What are you thinking? Who is your pick? How do you like my opinions and thoughts? Let me know.

Thanks; Take care, and have a good Valentine's Day.