Steven Seagal Continues Being an Idiot, Says Jon Jones Can't Punch or Kick Well

Jeremy BotterMMA Senior WriterJune 19, 2012

UNITED STATES - MAY 29:  Steven Seagal smiles after missing his putt for charity during the Final Round of The Fedex St. Jude Classic at TPC @ Southwind in Memphis, Tennessee on May 29, 2005.  (Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images)
Joe Murphy/Getty Images

I loved Steven Seagal when I was a kid. I think we all did, at least if you grew up during the days when he was one of the baddest action movie stars in the planet. Let's be honest: Above the Law and Under Siege were awesome. 

But the Steven Seagal of 2012 is not awesome. He's kind of a buffoon, actually.

We've all heard the stories of Seagal allegedly showing Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida new moves to try out in the Octagon. Silva and Machida play along, but it's almost like they're treating Seagal as their kindly, senile grandfather. They're humoring him.

But Seagal's "success" as a mixed martial arts "coach" has apparently given him free reign to discuss other fighters in the sport. He appeared on The MMA Hour yesterday and decided it was a good idea to give his thoughts on Jon Jones:

I respect every fighter that goes out to the Octagon. I don't think (Jones') punches or kicks landed well (vs. Lyoto Machida). Do I think he punches or kicks well? No, not at all, and that's just my opinion. He's a very big guy, he's like a heavyweight. He's 6'4", very athletic and very strong. Is he a better fighter than Lyoto? No. Not even close. But that doesn't mean he can't win.

Jones isn't even close to being a better fighter than Machida? Come on. That's one of the dumber things I've ever heard anyone say about a fighter. The evidence—which Seagal is willfully ignoring—was on full display when Jones wrecked Machida last December.

Jon Jones is a better fighter than Lyoto Machida, and to say otherwise is asinine. But what else should we expect from Steven Seagal at this point?