The Gunners' Champions League Slot: At the Mercy of the Big Three

Joseph KutialoContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

The battle for the coveted EPL trophy, four with two, Champions and UEFA league slots respectively is going down to the wire with 15 matches remaining. Consistence in performance for the home and away fixtures, coping well with injuries problems and good results against each other for the six contenders namely: Manchester United, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Everton will decide the winners and losers.

Aston Villa and Everton have nothing to lose provided they finish among top six teams. Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal have everything to lose. This is because they are rated as the big four, have consistently qualified for the champions’ league and everybody expects one of the them to win the EPL trophy always.

The current EPL standing shows No. 1-6 respectively as: Man-u-56, Liverpool-54, Aston Villa, 51, Chelsea-49, Arsenal-44 with Everton-40 points. Manchester United has one extra game to play if they win their total points will be 59.

Man-u next big games against Arsenal, Liverpool and Villa will be at home. Liverpool will play Arsenal and Villa at home and Man-u away.

Chelsea matches against Arsenal and Villa will be away. Arsenal’s fixtures against Liverpool, Chelsea and Man-u are a blessing in disguise. This is due to the fact that by the time the Gunners play these matches, injured players will have returned and God willing if Gunners gather maximum points before end of March and get at least nine points against the big three, fourth place is for Arsenal.

However this will also be determined by the way Villa will play in the next matches against, Stoke City, Chelsea, Man-city, Spurs and Liverpool respectively.

Arsenal must win all the next five matches against Sunderland, Fulham, West Bromwich, Newcastle and Midsbrough to take their tally to 59 wishing that Aston Villa get not more than five points in their above named five games and take their tally to 56 the most possible outcome based on duos opponents ability.

This analysis is evaluating the outcome of Villa and Arsenal matches because only four teams will qualify for the champion’s league position and it is Villa who is a threat to Arsenal and Chelsea that have been regular top four achievers.

The return of injured players and Arshavin at the time when the fourth place has been restored will motivate and strengthen the current squad. This will go along establishing a ground for good results by end of April and May when the Gunners play against the big three.

Arsenal will also be playing tough matches against relegated candidates of Midsbrough, Portsmouth and Stoke city who likes packing the bus. These defensive opponents will be unlocked with the creativity of Fabregas in the midfield with Asharvin dangerous runs on the flunks and potent strike force of Eduardo, Walcott and Robin Van Perse.

Aston Villa will be playing Man-U (away) Everton (home), West Ham (home) Bolton (away) Hull (home) and Midsbrough with Newcastle (away).Indeed points will be dropped here.

I predict Arsenals only final tough fixture to be at JJB and Anfield stadium on 11th and 18th 4/09.The Manchester united match against the Gunners will be open and easy fixture since the red devils will have known their chances of recapturing the EPL league.

Therefore on the positive perspective as a diehard passionate Gooner my 50-50 honest view is that, while I acknowledge all the 15 remaining matches are important, those against the Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester United will decide the Gunners Champions league position vise versa to Aston Villa.