Euro 2012 Video: Watch Ukrainian Reporter's Frustrating Fail vs. Holland Fans

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Something tells me this Ukrainian reporter will think twice before she decides to report live from a major thoroughfare consisting of drunken soccer fans. 

The easiest way to ruin a perfectly good report is shown in this video. 

It's one part national fanaticism, one part soccer enthusiasm and the rest is all just beer, liquor and goofballs. 

We have no clue what is being said in the video or what the reporter was hoping to convey. It's my hope that she was trying to record the least successful report from a soccer locale, because at least she will have been a success.

According to Yahoo! Sports, this is an Ukrainian reporter hoping to give fans back at home some sense of the ambiance of the EuroCup. 

I guess you can say she knocks it out of the park, because it seems like one big party. 

I really feel for the reporter who gets handled way too familiarly by some fans. At the 2:25 mark she is pretty much mauled by douchebaggery, something I wouldn't wish on "Call Me Maybe" fans. 

Ah, but at least the Dutch received a modicum of justice. The national side was ripped from the EuroCup after three straight losses, even being upset at the start by Denmark. 

I would give it a few weeks. By that time, most of these fans will be waking up with the worst hangover ever. 

You can tell them they are out of the tournament at that time. 

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