What Does ECW Mean For Christian Cage?

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2009

After being the hottest name in wrestling for four months, Christian Cage has finally made his debut in the WWE.  

Where?  ECW.

Everyone's opinion is that it's a bad move, and Cage should be on SmackDown.

I'm here to tell you why it's the best move.


Evidence 1:  Matt Hardy

When Matt Hardy hit the brand, he was the U.S. champion.  He was over as a mid-carder, and no one knew what they would do with him, because he hadn't really been thought of as a main-eventer.  Hardy went to ECW in the 2008 draft, and his career has sky-rocketed since.

Hardy held ECW's world heavyweight title for five months, and after his reign was over, he has joined the SmackDown roster.  He is now in the biggest feud the WWE has going right now.


Evidence 2:  C. M. Punk

When C.M. Punk hit ECW, everyone was intrigued.  He has a completely new look, and his wrestling skill surprised me.  (Since then I've started watching Ring of Honor)

C.M. Punk hit ECW in 2006.  He won the ECW title in 2007, and lost the title in early 2008.  He won Money in the Bank while still being on ECW.  In the 2008 draft, he left the brand to join the Raw show, and only a few weeks after, he cashed in Money in the Bank to win the World Heavyweight title on Raw.


Evidence 3:  Wrestlemania 25

If he had joined he RAW or the SmackDown brand, he would have at best been in a grudge match at Wrestlemania.  There was no way he would win either world title.

However, he CAN win the ECW title, and he will.


Evidence 4:  Tommy Dreamer

Many of you guys haven't went this far ahead yet.  After Christian wins the ECW title, who will his next opponent be?  Tommy Dreamer.  He is supposedly retiring following this push, right before One Night Stand.  Well, someone has to retire him, why not the ECW champ?  

Keeping in tune with these guys, I predict Christian will have a title run, and leave the brand at the 2009 draft.  Going to Raw.


Remember, I respond to all feedback, so feel free to give me your opinion.  What do you think this move means for Christian?