D. H. Smith: What Were You Thinking?

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2009

Being a part of one of the best wrestling families to ever exist (The only one who might challenge them are the Funk's) has to bring some advantages, but apparently that isn't good enough for some people.

Alright, as it was reported a couple of weeks back, D. H. Smith pitched an idea for himself, and not his long time partner, and legitimate friend, to jump into the Legacy group.  The problem with that is T.J. Wilson (The friend I mentioned) had never wrestled a singles match on a WWE show in front of a WWE crowd.

D. H. Smith has long thought to be the best in developmental, and even a couple of months ago Vince McMahon himself was scolding his creative writes for not bringing D. H. Smith up to the main roster.

The plan for the tandem had always been The Second Generation Hart foundation.  They were supposed to be the young new tag team, and they were supposed to have Natalya as a manager.  This equation would easily result in them being one of the best tag teams in the division at the beginning.

T.J. Wilson was trained in the dungeon with the rest of the Hart family.  He was supposedly adopted into the family at age 10, but I'm not going to present that as fact. He has also supposedly been dating Nattie (Natalya) since 2001.

After pitching the idea, Smith has since been ridiculed by management and even some of his peers.  Granted he only wanted success, he still betrayed his family.  Now, he's getting bitten back.  As T.J. Wilson debuted on ECW last night, with his (supposed) girlfriend.

Wilson was put over a local jobber, and I can't say he looked great, but it looks like he will have a good future on the show.  I can only hope D. H. Smith apologizes to his family, and eventually gets called up to the main roster.

Until that day, I can only ask: What were you thinking?

What do you guys think?  Does D.H Smith deserve the punishment?

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