WWE: Is Vince McMahon Still an Effective Character on TV?

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WWE: Is Vince McMahon Still an Effective Character on TV?
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Since it appears that McMahon may be in Triple H's corner with his upcoming feud with Brock Lesnar, people are questioning whether Mr. McMahon is still an effective on-screen character.

Vince McMahon is used sparingly on WWE television these days. The Chairman of the Board returned to Raw this past week to evaluate John Laurinaitis' job performance. He then appeared at No Way Out and ultimately fired Big Johnny.

Within minutes of making his return to WWE TV, Vince McMahon and a handful of terms pertaining to him were trending worldwide on Twitter. The Chairman also got a very warm welcome from the crowd.

However, that alone shouldn't be a measure of how effective his character is. There's no doubt that the reaction from the WWE Universe was partially due to the fact that McMahon had just returned.

If they decide to keep McMahon around as a recurring character, his crowd reactions will eventually level out. Even so, he still has the potential to be an effective character.

With Triple H challenging Brock Lesnar to a match at SummerSlam, Mr. McMahon would make a great foil to Paul Heyman. Since Lesnar's camp is threatening legal action against the WWE, it makes perfect sense for McMahon to be involved in this feud.

No matter how often Triple H comes out wearing a suit, it is hard to portray him as both a corporate figure and a wrestler. With Triple H's father-in-law in his corner, Triple H and Lesnar can focus on the match, while Heyman and Vince bicker over everything else.

We haven't seen enough of Vince McMahon to tell if he is still an effective TV character. If history tells us anything, though, the Mr. McMahon persona certainly has something to add to the program.

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