WWE No Way Out 2012 Results: Was Daniel Bryan Planned to Win the WWE Title?

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IJune 18, 2012


In the triple-threat match for the WWE Championship Sunday night at No Way Out, CM Punk was able to beat the odds and retain his title in a great match against Daniel Bryan and Kane at the Izod Center.

While Punk scored the win by hitting the GTS on Kane, the creative team for the WWE nearly went another way with one outcome of the match and a new champion could be showing up tonight on Raw.

Here are the details from F4WOnline (via WrestlingInc.com) on who was originally going to walk out with the WWE Championship in the triple-threat match before CM Punk continued his lengthy title reign.

For the second pay-per-view in a row, WWE officials reportedly came close to putting the WWE title on Daniel Bryan. Bryan almost went over CM Punk at WWE's Over the Limit pay-per-view and was discussed as the potential winner at No Way Out.

Even though nearly putting the WWE title on Daniel Bryan for the second straight pay-per-view event, the creative team for the WWE did the right thing in not making a title change at a minor event like No Way Out.

At Money in the Bank on July 15, the WWE should have another singles encounter between Punk and Bryan in a possible ladder match. That match could potentially lead to an absolute instant classic between the two at SummerSlam in an Iron Man match.

With Daniel Bryan nearly winning in the triple-threat match last night at No Way Out, would you have liked to see the former World Heavyweight Champion win the WWE Championship instead of CM Punk?



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