My Super Exclusive With The Leader Of The Assasins, Mr Joe Burgett!!

Matt BinksCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2009

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to sit down with the man.... the myth..... the legend..... the tard..... the head honcho himself...... the leader of the asses, sorry Assasins. Mr. Joe "Berg, AJ" Burgett......

Matt - Wow Joe, what an honor it is to meet you. I needed to say that right off the bat.

Joe - Excuse me, what did I say before we started? I will not answer to Joe.

Matt - Sorry, sorry, Mr. Number one, its an honour sir.

Joe - That is better.... Peasant.

Matt - Anyway, number one, how do you respond to people who say that you can't spell and that your vocabulary is poor.

Joe - Spiffingly.

Matt - Er Joe, sorry, number one, that doesn't make any sense at all.

Joe - Of course it does, I said it after all, and i'm number one.

Matt - Riiiiiight, ok........

Joe - Would you excuse me two seconds, I have breaking news to report....

At this point in the interview Joe dissapears for 10 minutes. He returns with his latest piece of work.

Cristian Cage to debut at Wrestlemania in a match against Sly Stalone!!!!

Matt - Err thats Bullshit Joe.

Joe - Ahemmm

Matt - Sorry, sorry that's bullshit Mr. number one.

Joe - No it isn't, its breaking news. Broke by me Joe "number one" Burgett.

Matt - But, but Cristian was on ECW last night.

Joe - Are you accusing me of lying. I am the great one!! I have 18 retards willing to sacrifice themselves for my cause!!!!!

Matt - OK.... and what cause is that??

Joe - I'm not really sure yet. I'm just saying.

Matt - How to you respond to those who say the Asses are just a facade designed for your own ego and to hide the fact that most people think you are a fraud, a fake and a bit of a jackass??

Joe - Like this...

At this point Joe pulled a sulky face and went back to his computer. He returned later with some bullshit about Macho Man Randy Savage being engaged to the Queen of England.

At this point I decided to I needed to interview somebody a little more intelligent......

Read my joint interview with George Bush, Paris Hilton and a retarded sheepdog this time tomorrow.