Kellen Winslow Jr. Is Simply a Guy Who the Buccaneers Had to Banish

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IJune 18, 2012

Trading Winslow was simply getting rid of the "garbage."
Trading Winslow was simply getting rid of the "garbage."Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Kellen Winslow Jr. said over the weekend he would take a bullet for Raheem Morris.

Sure he would. He's so full of it he should be back playing for the "Browns."

Kellen Winslow didn't like One Buccaneer Place because it wasn't "fun" with "Rah" gone.

Kellen Winslow is no longer a Tampa Bay Buccaneer because he just wasn't down with new coach Greg Schiano, didn't want to work and didn't want to do it the way Schiano wants things to be done here in the 2012 preseason .

Good-bye, good riddance and hopefully the door did hit Winslow on his way out of One Buc Place as he left for Seattle.

By now you've probably seen, heard or listened to Winslow's ridiculous rant on the RealRobReport that is a series of rambling recordings by Seattle's Michael Robinson and sure, he got Winslow on there.

Winslow babbled about missing "Rah" and maybe he wasn't good with finally having to refer to his boss as "Coach Schiano." 

Winslow babbled about skipping OTAs because there was "no fun" involved and perhaps it didn't set well with Winslow that he and the rest of the team might actually be held "accountable" for a change.

The Baron of Bitter Beer Face, the guy who put the "slow" in Win-slow last season, told everyone that "Rah" wasn't a "company coach." Well fine and dandy. Maybe someone needed to inform Winslow that the "company" really wants to win football games and the "company" needed a coach who would get serious about winning football games.

"They fired the wrong dude," Winslow said on the cockamamie video. No, Kellen, they fired the right "dude" and then they got rid of the right "dudes" when they said "adios" to you and Tanard Jackson.

Yeah, Winslow surely didn't want to put his "toes on the line" when Schiano told his team that it is all about attention to detail and that winning involves attention to those details.

Darn details.

Maybe Winslow decided it was "time to roll" because he feared that the new staff might actually demand that he participate in practice.

Darn practices.

Now Winslow can take his offensive pass interference calls to Seattle.

Good place for him, as far from Tampa as it gets.

After all, it was time to get rid of the garbage.


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