Wilson Looks to Finish in the Points In Norway

Sanjay KumarCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2009

Matthew Wilson, son of M-Sport owner and Abu Dhabi Ford World Rally Team Malcolm Wilson, is set to once again finish in the points in the upcoming Rally Norway.

The Stobart V-K driver said in an interview after Monday's recce “We started well in Ireland and now the emphasis for me is to continue to collect driver points and build upon our consistent performances.”

I realize I went on a diatribe a short while ago about Wilson, so I'm sorry to those that consider him a good talent because here I go again only because he receives the media attention he does. 

This is Wilson's fourth full season in the WRC, and being only 22-years of age, that is quite the accomplishment. Here's the thing though...he's already participated in 50 WRC events with less than spectacular results.

Technically, although Wilson's car adores Stobart livery, the car is owned and run by M-Sport, his father's company. Wilson Sr. has laid out a five-year plan for Matthew to develop and become a WRC champion-caliber driver. So far, his best result in 50 WRC events is a pair of fourth-place finishes.

Of the 50 events he has participated in, this future "champion" has only won ONE stage, that being in Argentina in 2006, his first full year.

In Ireland earlier this year, Henning Solberg and Urmo Aava were elected for points, and due to the high number of retirements and/or crashes, Wilson bested Aava to take seventh place (Aava crashed out). Don't look too much into his seventh place finish, 13th place belonged to a car that retired from the event.

It is obvious with Wilson's progression that the five year plan is too short to build him into champion material. In fact if M-Sport did not own the car he drives, what are the chances that he would have a seat at all?

I wish Matthew best of luck, I really do, but it's time to not think about consistent finishes anymore, the five year plan is not working out and you have to impress. You have to justify to us the fans as to why some should keep faith in you. You are lucky Matthew, you have a guaranteed ride no matter what...so do something productive with it. In sports (and in life), there's a saying "Go Big or Go Home." It's time Matthew.