Webb Simpson Video: Watch U.S. Open Photobomb to End All Photobombs

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJune 18, 2012

The U.S. Open at Olympic was nuts, especially the final moments showing champion Webb Simpson with the trophy. 

That's when one photobombing maestro pretty much trumped every last great story over the weekend, including Beau Hossler, Tiger Woods imploding or, ahem, Beau Hossler's mom

The final salvo was left for a moment of triumph for Webb Simpson. 

If you are Simpson, you have to imagine you are wrapped in a daze and believe you are locked in a dream. On one side is the U.S. Open trophy, sparkling from a fresh polish and shine. On the other is Bob Costas, the legendary broadcaster, asking followup questions to a weekend of brilliance. 

It's all so quaint, beautiful and perfect. 

Enter the turd in the punch bowl, the booger in the potato salad and/or the Mario Chalmers of the Miami Heat. 

A fan who is completely hopped up on goofballs comes onto the screen to give some amazing bird calls. The United Kingdom rooster-like beanie is the perfect complement to the performance. He takes over this picturesque scene chockablock full of poignancy and makes it memorable.

Sorry, Webb Simpson, but I wouldn't have recalled your answers to Costas a decade from now. At least fans will remember your win for eternity, even if it's because some loon with a buzz on sidled onto the screen. 

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