WWE No Way Out 2012: The Tuxedo Match Shows Why Santino Has to Drop the US Title

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WWE No Way Out 2012: The Tuxedo Match Shows Why Santino Has to Drop the US Title
Photo: WWE

At No Way Out we saw one of the WWE's midcard champions, Santino Marelia, take part in what was not only a non-title match, but a tuxedo affair with Ricardo Rodriguez.

Both men have become known as comedy characters in the WWE, and while both can be commended for playing their parts well at times, Santino's U.S. title run has been a failure.

He has rarely defended the title and the WWE does not seem to know what to do with it or the Italian.

Santino is already over with most of the crowd and there are several superstars who would be able to make the US title look good and use it to further their career.

Veterans like Jack Swagger, Ezekiel Jackson, Zack Ryder and David Otunga could all benefit from the push of winning a title.

New guys like Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro and Sin Cara would be able to use their first title win as a way to elevate themselves.

Santino is a talented wrestler and performer who has contributed to the company over his tenure, but this current title run is doing nothing for him or the title itself.

Having him lose the title wouldn't damage his image since he regularly bounces from winning streaks to practically jobbing.

His current feud with Rodriguez will probably not end with him losing the title unless Alberto Del Rio steps in and takes it from him.

The best possible thing the WWE could do is have Santino issue and open challenge and have someone beat him for the title, with his rematch a week later so the new champion can quickly move on to a real title feud.

Unless the WWE has plans to put Santino in a real feud anytime soon, they would be best served having a titlist who will make it look like it matters when July 4th rolls around.

Do you think it is time for the US title to be moved off Santino and on to someone who will make it matter again?

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