WWE Raw: Why Mick Foley Should Return Tonight to Start the Dean Ambrose Feud

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistJune 18, 2012

Torrie Wilson, WWE Diva and Mick Foley, WWE Raw Superstar (Photo by J.Sciulli/WireImage for LIONSGATE)
John Sciulli/Getty Images

Nostalgia always gets the biggest pop of the night.

Tonight's Raw is in Long Island, NY, the home of Mick Foley.

As we saw last week with the appearance of Vader, WWE seems to have a plan to bring back a star from the past each week as they hype up the 1,000th Raw in July.

Foley as that star from the past seems fitting for tonight.

For weeks, I have been saying on the radio and different shows how I thought because the night after No Way Out is in Long Island, it would make a good launching point on television for a summer feud between Foley and Dean Ambrose.

Foley and Ambrose began teasing a feud online with tweets and a viral YouTube video just after WrestleMania. The two have done a good job blurring the lines of if the feud is still alive. They've managed to confuse the masses of “smart” fans who are aware of these feud.

Ambrose has been competing in dark matches prior to WWE Raw and Smackdown for weeks. This is usually a good sign that a television debut isn't far off. It has been reported in the past, Triple H doesn't want any talent from FCW coming to WWE television unless a creative plan has been mapped out for them.

Recently, reports came out from Wrestling Observer Radio about Triple H not being keen on Foley on WWE television, with Triple H not feeling Foley looks the part. The 47-year-old Foley may not look the part of today's WWE Superstars, but that's the point.

The feud between Foley and Ambrose is based on Ambrose being upset with Foley's legacy in the ring at a hardcore stuntman setting a bad standard for a generation of wrestlers. Foley isn't supposed to look like a Dolph Ziggler. The limped walk with homeless man attire is a constant visual reminder of the violent nature we all have come to know Foley for and what Ambrose is accusing him of.

There are other options of ways to introduce Ambrose on WWE television if the feud with Foley is legitimately being scrapped by WWE. I can't say the feud with Foley makes more sense than anything else because I'd want to see what else WWE can come up with. However, if Ambrose's first feud was against Foley, it would the return to the WWE ring that Foley wants.

Foley, like many of the wrestlers from that generation, always is willing to entertain the thought of a comeback for the right scenario. It's all a matter of who they're working with, who they're putting over. To me, Ambrose has characteristics of a modern-day Brian Pillman. In the big picture, Ambrose is an old-school kind of guy. He shares qualities of a performer that many in Foley's generation possess. A guy who has traveled the world to learn his craft can get himself over on the microphone and between the ropes.

This is a WWE Superstar a legend like Mick Foley would want to take bumps for. Ambrose is the type Foley would want to use his legendary status to give a rub. Not an ex-NFL stat. Not a bodybuilder who doesn't know how to do a headlock take down. A true professional wrestler.

Dean Ambrose is the guy who knows best what Ambrose would say and do. Mick Foley knows best how to play the Foley gimmick. To the 16 creative writers, put down your pens and let the Superstars create the magic.