Steriods in Baseball: Witch Hunt or Moral Justice?

dave TempleContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

The names are really flying now amid charges filed against Barry Bonds and now Miguel Tejada. The US government doesn't like to be lied too and neither do baseball fans. Who will be next on the face saving Vendetta.

A-Rod says forgive me, while Roger says it never happened. What about about Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire? Originally I set out to play the "What If" game on who might have participated in juicing up, but I think it is obvious that 90 percent of the best of the best seem to be in on this tragic scandal.

Albert Pujols might be next, He's big , successful and seems to be able to do Herculean things on the ball field.

Now, the question is: Should we have a steroid era added to the Hall of Fame, or should we start doling out lifetime bans for behavior detrimental to the game? I guess there is a third option: Turn a blind eye just like Bud Selig and Major league Baseball.

I don't claim to know the answers but in my humble opinion, Selig and company have helped to make the game a mockery at the true baseball fans expense. This decision to look the other way has added to a laundry list of bad decisions by baseball brass.

Need a little memory jog? All-Star game ties, Pete Rose not being in the Hall of Fame despite some who are in the hall who have done much worse than steroids or gambling, and the non answers Selig seems to love to give any time he is asked about anything important.

Do I sound upset? Of course I am!

I would rather watch high school or college players playing the game, the right way, without enhancement. I don't care about 50 guys who can hit a ball 550 feet. I remember watching the 1990 Cincinnati Reds beat a team of suspected 'roid cases in the likes of Ricky Henderson, Jose Canseco, and Mark McGwire.

The latter of which is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. The point is Steroids have affected the game far worse than anyone player has ever been able too. It has affected the good guys and the villains.

I feel as a true fan of the game that a statement needs to be made by Major League Baseball to profoundly change the course of the game, to right its path.

First, relieve Bud Selig of any decision making abilities, if he wants to be an owner again make it so, but keep him out of the commissioners office. Second, stiff, whole-season suspensions for abusers of the steroid policy.

If caught a second time an expulsion from the league, short and simple. Third and lastly, put a man in the commissioners seat the respects the game and is not an owner or corporate executive. He should be from the ranks of the fans, someone like me. Let me know your take.