Word Life! The Lost Volume: TNA's Extreme "CAGED" Surprise

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 11, 2009

Hello B/R! This is "Word Life," and welcome to another installment. I'm glad some of you guys were fond of my Jericho (Vol.16) slide show, that got some good reads.

This won't be Vol. 17 though...nope, it'll be a special! Free on the house from yours truly. This will be a "lost volume." Of course, it's not really lost but since its not apart of the original set, so it seems out of place...thus forms my explanation for me dubbing it a "lost volume."

It's no surprise that TNA and WWE are at war. Could you even call TNA competition? The only one who wants competition is Vladamir Koslov, and he isn't getting it (sorry, big guy). TNA chooses wisely to have their weekly shows on Tuesday, after Monday's RAW and on Thursday, before Friday's Smackdown. WWE was still spanking them anyway.

Every now and then, TNA edges out ECW in ratings. It was a new thing at first, but started happening a little more than before. So how does WWE deal with this problem? They send a message. The Feb. 10, 2009 edition of ECW brought to us Captain Charisma himself, Christian.

Why ECW? People are out there sounding like "WWE is so stupid! Why would they do that!?" and "ECW gets no ratings." I agree with the latter, and that's why I think WWE made a smart decision. WWE hit two birds with one stone.

At the Royal Rumble, we were punished for hyping Cage so much. Christian was a no-show. Now they've got us again. WHAT!? Relax. Don't get your McGriddles all scrambled, I'll further elaborate.

Do you think WWE would wait this long just to give us what we predicted? If you think so, then you might be more gullible than the character Smackdown Diva, Maria plays.

They hit two birds with one stone because not only did they shut us up again, but they have sent a message to TNA. Christian's arrival will have the net buzzing and they want us to converse about it, to speculate about it, and like I'm doing, they want us to write about it.

Christian is back and he's a nice fit in ECW. He can be the foundation rebuilding the land of extreme and maybe the next draft (whenever it happens) can bring more talent to the brand.

WWE knew how hyped we were about Christian, so they used it to their advantage. They gave us the unpredictability, and changed the hype train route from Smackdown to ECW. WWE will hope to get that little nagging monkey TNA off their back and piss on them just like in the article picture (not that WWE hasn't been already owning them).

Christian defeated ECW champion Jack Swagger, in a non-tiltle match with the help of the Irishmen, Finlay and Hornswoggle. Christian made it quite clear that he's still the captain with loads of charisma who we once knew, but more importantly, he wants the ECW championship. This has altered the road to Wrestlemania, as we are thinking of new possibilities now.

Will Christian's hype hold up and crush TNA on Tuesday nights? Will ECW be more significant at this year's Wrestlemania? There are tons upon tons of ideas for our minds to ponder. WWE has gotten me again and while many people dislike Christain on ECW, I love it!

It was a genius move and it was executed well...now let's see if it'll work out in the long run. I don't know what will become of this, but one thing I'm certain about is I'm watching ECW next week for sure!

It was great to see that unprettier again and Christian will fit right back at home. Thanks for reading this lost volume. Who knows? Maybe there's more. Until then..."Word Life!"

-Remember when Christian had dubbed "creepy little bastard" by Stone Cold!? What if they were to call him a "creepy little McNugget?"